Losing weight with the help of Stomach Botox
Losing weight with the help of Stomach Botox

Stomach botox – Easy and quick to lose weight

There are some measures and opportunities that promise fast and effective weight loss abound. Because in today’s society, the desire for significantly less body weight takes center stage. A fast and at the same time efficient weight loss is one of the great wishes of many people. One method, which may be less known than other applications, is the so-called gastric botox. But how does losing weight help with stomach botox and what are the chances of success?

How is the losing weight with the help of stomach botox?

So far, Botox is mainly used in the context of plastic surgery, for example, to fight disturbing wrinkles. The fact that Botox offers many more possibilities is shown by the possibilities to achieve effective weight loss with Botox.

In order to reach this purpose, the Botox is injected with a corresponding treatment directly to the lower end of the stomach. By means of the endoscope, this step works relatively quickly and easily. The point here: just at this point sits the vagus nerve in the stomach, which is responsible for the feeling of hunger in the human body. The Botox unfolds on this nerve its known effect and inhibits it in the transmission of the associated stimuli. This means that directly after the performing of Botox in the stomach the hunger feeling of the patient decreases clearly. However, this application must be repeated over and over again as the human body degrades the Botox over time.

What are the successes of the application?

In addition to the relatively simple and quick application, it also comes with the appropriate interventions on the chances of success. However, the topic “losing weight with the help of stomach botox” is still relatively fresh. Only a few years ago the extensive possibilities for this procedure were known.

Thus, chances of success stories are mainly known from rather small studies with few test persons. However, the results from these studies are convincing. Most of the subjects were able to achieve significant weight loss over the months with the help of stomach botox. However, there are also some differences to consider, because not all of the subjects responded with the same success to the application.

What factors support weight loss with gastric botox?

You also have the ability to provide fast and appropriate support when you are taking off with stomach botox. Among other things, you should also consider a general change in your own lifestyle here. Especially long-term, you will achieve significantly better and, above all, healthier results. Eat consciously and integrate more exercise into your own everyday life. Considering the fact that the degradation with Botox by the degradation in time to effect, thus prevent the dreaded yo-yo effect. Even over a longer period of time you thus keep the desired weight and prevent the renewed, rapid increase with little effort.