Professional upper arm lift by cosmetic surgeons in Turkey

Unsightly low-angle arms are a horror in the summer. By streamlining the upper arms, however, nothing stands in the way of enjoying the sunny days.

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Both in the course of the natural skin aging processes as well as a result of diets, it may come to the relaxation of the skin and the subcutaneous tissue. The resulting excess skin can be effectively and gently removed with suitable methods of aesthetic plastic surgery. Summer tops and dresses with spaghetti straps can be wonderfully worn again after surgery!

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Upper arm lift: Individual consultation and treatment concept

Before the actual treatment begins, first the Turkish plastic surgeons inform about their approach to upper arm lifting. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the surgeon, the team and the clinic / practice in Turkey. In this connection, preliminary examinations are carried out, the history of your illness is documented and an educational discussion about the procedure, its risks, possible complications as well as alternatives and resulting costs of the upper arm tightening in Turkey are conducted with you. We will inform you about the costs of the procedure in detail on this website.

Aesthetically beautiful upper arms

Summer is here! Feel comfortable in light dresses and sleeveless tops, and enjoy the warmth of the skin you’ve missed so much in the winter. Here it is understandable if the upper arms are well-formed and with their smooth skin to look youthful and fresh. The plastic surgeons are happy to explain the appropriate methods of upper arm lifting.

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How do the Turkish plastic surgeons perform the upper arm lift?

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Our cooperating aesthetic-plastic surgeons in Turkey perform the procedures for upper arm tightening routinely and gently. It goes without saying that the European hygiene standards for surgical interventions are fully adhered to.

After the evaluation, the cosmetic surgeons respond individually to your wishes regarding skin tightening, so that the surgical result can completely satisfy you.

Upper arm lift: procedure and technique

Excess skin on the upper arms is usually tightened on an outpatient basis. In this case, a local anesthesia can be set or run the procedure under general anesthesia. In the latter case, you will also be accompanied by an anesthesia team before, during and after the operation. To keep scars as small as possible and inconspicuous after the incision, the necessary surgical cuts are gently placed in the armpit or on the inside of the upper arms. Your surgeons make sure that not only the skin, but also the underlying tissue is tightened to achieve a sustainable result.

Smooth and firm upper arms

Let our Turkish specialists for upper arm lift convince you! They understand their trade and considerately consider their personal ideas. With smooth and aesthetically shaped upper arms you can enjoy the summer days to the full – why not with a combined wellness and beauty stay in the holiday country Turkey?

Aesthetic Travel in Antalya will gladly arrange a consultation with your Turkish specialist for upper arm lifting. You are welcome to inform yourself on our website about other topics of skin tightening. For example, read about thigh, buttocks or abdominoplasty.

Arm Lift – At a glance
  • Duration of Procedure

    2 - 4 Hours

  • Hospital Stay

    1 Day

  • Recovery Time

    1 - 2 Days

  • Cost

    from 2,400€

What is the goal of an upper arm lift? Is this plastic surgery suitable for me?

With increasing age, the skin loses elasticity. In the area of the upper arms, this can lead to clearly visible skin and tissue excesses. Congenital connective tissue weakness and weight fluctuations can also lead to a decrease in skin elasticity. Targeted upper arm training is often not enough to remedy this aesthetic flaw. Affected suffer greatly from the unwanted deformation of their arms. They feel unattractive and would like to hide their problem areas all year round under long sleeved clothing. The aim of the upper arm is to tighten the slackened upper arm contours and to strengthen the self-confidence of the patients.

How is an upper arm tightening performed?

As part of an upper arm tightening, also called brachioplasty, the surgeon removes excess skin and fatty tissue in order to achieve a lasting tightening effect. The required skin incision is placed on the inside of the upper arm. It usually runs from the armpit to the elbow joint. The softened soft tissues of the upper arms are tightened with great care. At the end of the procedure, the doctor closes the surgical approach with fine sutures.

Are there differences between liposuction and upper arm tightening?

Liposuction is ideal for permanently removing stubborn fat deposits. However, it does not affect the elasticity of the skin. In an upper arm tightening, slack main features are restored to an aesthetically pleasing shape. Doctors recommend a brachioplasty if the upper arms have lost contour and there is a clearly visible excess of skin and tissue. In certain cases, supplemental liposuction may enhance the positive effect of upper arm tightening.

Are there any visible scars after an upper arm lift?

With careful cut, barely visible scars remain after an upper arm tightening. As a rule, thin, inconspicuous lines form, which fade more and more in the first months after the procedure. Our qualified doctors are good at assessing where the cuts need to be made in order to achieve optimal surgical results.

How is the healing process going? What should I consider after the upper arm lift?

After the upper arm lift, a compression bandage is created, which supports wound healing. In addition, a physical protection of ten to fourteen days is required. Intensive sunbathing and sauna visits must be avoided for eight weeks. Exhausting activities as well as physical activities leading to tension in the arm ulcer culture should be avoided during the first six weeks after surgery.

Is the upper arm lift a risky operation?

An upper arm tightening performed by an experienced surgeon is associated with a high rate of success and a low complication rate. Nevertheless, a certain residual risk remains. Postoperatively, feelings of tension, bleeding or wound healing disorders can occur. Some patients report a reduction in the degree of feeling in the operated upper arm area. This usually normalizes after a few months. Only in very rare cases, slight sensory disturbances remain.

How much does an upper arm lift in Turkey cost?

Your cost of an upper arm tightening in Turkey is around 2,400 euros. The exact fees as well as the details of the planned operation are clarified in advance in a telephone discussion. Afterwards you will receive a written offer for a fixed price, because Aesthetic Travel guarantees no hidden costs. We look forward to your inquiry!

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