All-On-4 – The Gentle Fixed Dentures with Minimal Effort

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All-on-4 Method Turkey – the gentle fixed dentures with minimal effort: The All-on-4 prosthesis is a minimally invasive and effective method to replace an entire dental arch. A quick and gentle method for complete toothlessness. The cost-efficient problem solving is a future-oriented and new concept. The All-on-4 method takes effect even when there is a risk of tooth loss in the entire dental arch. The patients are enthusiastic and start a new carefree life.

Just One Treatment Session

All-on-4 Method Turkey: With the All-on-4 implants, only one treatment session is necessary. Four implants are placed in the jawbone. Two implants are placed in the front area and two more in the side area. The oblique placement method is used. For this purpose, the implants are anchored in the rear area with a 45-degree incline. Due to the inclination, no further bone structure is necessary. After the implantation, a temporary denture is placed in the form of a bridge. The final dental prosthesis can be a bridge or fixed prosthesis. All-on-4 method usage in Turkey is possible even with thin or narrow jawbones. An excellent hold and a correspondingly high resilience are guaranteed.

The Advantages of the All-On-4 Method Turkey

There are several advantages. No prior bone formation is required here. The greatly reduced treatment time speaks for itself. The longevity convinces in connection with the low costs. Fewer implants are used. The treatment in Turkey saves you additional costs. The new method is an optimal long-term solution. You can chew as usual and there are no pressure points. The fit speaks for itself and the feeling in the waistband is pleasant. An immediate familiarization is evident from the positive experience reports. Healing is quick.

The costs for the dental treatment result from the material costs, the production and the dentist’s fee. Contact us for an individual cost estimate. You will be surprised at the possibilities that result from the fast treatment method and the associated significantly lower prices in Turkey.

No hidden charges. We would be happy to explain the individual treatment steps of the All-on-4 method in Antalya to you over the phone. Dentistry has brought forth many new technologies in recent years. Our team is always up to date. Travel to our beautiful country and, like all our patients, be happy when you leave home. In addition, you can experience a few days in advance in our hospitable country. We look forward to your first contact. Our team will get back to you promptly. Benefit from the new method of modern dentistry in beautiful Antalya.