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Bone Grafting in Turkey: If dental floss smells unpleasant after use, gum pockets bleed / secrete, you should clarify the causes by careful examination.

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Bone Grafting Turkey

Bone Grafting in Turkey / Antalya – Prices & Procedure

Bone Grafting in Turkey: Bone structure in dental implants

For our teeth to have a good hold in the jaw, a certain strength and stability is essential. In particular, the volume (height and width) and the quality of the jawbone are crucial for this. In addition, these dental properties are an important prerequisite when it comes to the implantation of dental implants. After all, the implant that you receive from one of our dental teams in Turkey can only grow into your bone if enough substance is available!

Which factors contribute to bone loss?

Bone degeneration (atrophy) is a common result of tooth loss. In addition to genetic predispositions or various illnesses, accidents (for example in sports) can lead to tooth loss. Since our body always strives for a compact form as a biological system, the shape of the bone changes – it is gradually degraded. In order to both balance and counteract degradation, we offer professional bone augmentation in Turkey. For more information contact our Aesthetic Travel Team in Antalya.

Bone Grafting in Turkey Bone structure in dental implants

Which bone surgery methods are there?

After extensive consultation, diagnostics and planning, our dental team will build your bone so that your teeth will again have optimal fit in the jaw. In Turkey, the sinus lift is primarily used as a bone surgery measure – the internal and external sinus lifts are differentiated. The goal of the sinus lift is to fill a small area of ​​the paranasal sinuses (maxillary sinus) with bone augmentation materials. In the internal sinus lift, the bone substitute to be transplanted is inserted into the jaw through the drill hole of the dental implant. In the case of the external sinus lift, on the other hand, a small “side window” is milled in the paranasal sinus bone, whereby the subsequent integration of the bone augmentation material takes place.

Bone Splitting / Spreading can be used as a further bone augmentation method. Here, the residual bone of the patient is split or pulled apart so that the body is stimulated by the resulting cavity to form their own new bone cells.

Furthermore, there is the so-called socket preservation. This is done in direct connection to a tooth extraction. Here, the filling of the bone alveoli and the parallel sealing of the tissue, the loss of bone substance is prevented.

Which bone surgery methods are there
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Which skeletal materials are distinguished?

In general, four types of bone augmentation materials are distinguished: the body’s own bone, foreign bone, a natural bone substitute and an artificial bone substitute.

The self-bone therapy is the most efficient option. In this case, the body’s own bone is taken from different parts of the body so that the risk of infection is reduced. Either a whole block of bone from the lower jaw can be removed, or a piece of bone from the hip (so-called pelvic bone removal). The latter is minimally invasive under general anesthesia. In a further step, the bone pieces obtained are attached to the remaining jawbone using titanium screws. It is important that the bone graft completely covers the oral mucosa, so that a safe healing can be ensured.

In order to be able to carry out bone formation with foreign bodies of bone, the appropriate bone fragments are taken in advance from a suitable person. Later, similar to self-bone therapy, the material is integrated into the patient’s own jaw.

When building bone with natural bone substitute, it is animal material. That is, bones and connective tissue of cattle are usually used for this purpose.

Synthetic bone substitutes (artificial bone structure) use so-called bioactive glasses or calcium-based ceramics. Since the stability is not very high here, these granule forms are mostly used only for smaller dental defects!

Which skeletal materials are distinguished

Bone Grafting Turkey - FAQ

In order to prevent infection as well as promote wound healing, both antibiotics and analgesics are administered from the beginning of treatment. In general, the pain is very low, according to the reports of the patients!

Recurring inflammation, mild pain or treatment-intensive consequential damage can theoretically be the result, but are statistically negligible!

The biggest risk group is the smoker, because here as the risk of inflammation increases, wound healing is reduced. Thus, Aesthetic-Travel in Antalya recommends that you avoid smoking or restrict smoking as much as possible.

As with most medical applications, the cost of bone augmentation is also high Depending on factors such as the material used, the quality of the jaw bone and the associated construction method, To the costs incurred by the hospital stay.