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    Dentistry in Turkey: Why is dental health important and necessary?

    Dentistry in Turkey: There are a variety of reasons why we should pay attention to our dental health. First, it should be remembered that our teeth are in the mouth and thus in the middle of our field of vision. Whether we speak or laugh, the teeth help us with the pronunciation and also leave an aesthetic impression.

    But from a medical point of view, the health of our oral cavity is absolutely important. There are millions of bacteria in our mouth, through food intake into our oral cavity. Some of these bacteria can not only attack the teeth and gums, they can spread throughout the body and damage other organs.

    What types of dentistry are there?

    All medical treatments of the dentist (except material and laboratory costs) are covered by dental treatment. Dentures are as implants, crowns and bridges. There is a distinction with removable dentures one between full dentures and partial dentures.

    Aesthetic dentistry offers the possibility of beautiful, white teeth and thus achieving a radiant smile by correcting i.e. whitening, veneers (thin trays made of ceramic).

    Why is dental care worthwhile at Aesthetic Travel in Turkey?

    Having read the advantages of our dental services, you see that we work with the most modern equipment and with experienced dentists. In no case you do not save on the quality of your dental treatment, but you receive our price advantage through the different expensive personnel and operating costs abroad. We will pass on this price advantage directly to you!

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