Hair Transplant for Women in Turkey

Hair Transplant for Women in Turkey: As a woman, you suffer from diffuse hair loss, which makes your beautiful hair lighter and you can gradually see through the scalp? No problem!

Hair Transplant for Women turkey

Hair Transplant for Women in Turkey / Antalya – Prices & Procedure

Long healthy, radiant hair from Turkey for you

Hair transplantation with natural hair is the result of technological progress in medical technology. More and more prominent men stand by their newly won splendour of hair. It’s not that public for women yet. However, not only men have to nibble on their hair loss, but also more and more women (40 years and older on average) suffer from lighter hair and a translucent scalp. The reasons for this can vary greatly, similar to the male gender: hair loss can be genetic, hormonal, stress-related, or related to poor nutrition, illness and smoking.

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Is hair transplantation possible for women?

Of course, a hair transplantation can also help women to solve the annoying hair problem. Aesthetic Travel has already supported many women. Hairpieces such as extensions or wigs are often only a short-term and not really satisfactory and above all not a permanent solution. In contrast, a hair transplantation helps you to get a natural hair growth again, which on the one hand frees you completely from your hair problem, on the other hand you gain more self-confidence and, therefore, a completely different self-image. Become self-confident again and have beautiful long hair through life!

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Why should you think about a Hair Transplant for Women in Turkey?

The main reason why you should come to Turkey for a hair transplantation is clearly the price-performance ratio. Generally, you get the same high quality service in Turkey for half the price! Why? A clinic’s personnel and operating costs are much lower in Turkey.

Comparable hair transplantations for women are often much more expensive in Europe, America and Australia than in Turkey – for several thousand Euro. This is the same for hair follicle transplantations for men. In addition, the quality standard in our Turkish clinics is very high. We work with the most modern equipment, which is ISO-certified and TÜV-tested.

Take advantage of this lower price and combine your new smooth hair with a nice holiday in Turkey. Aesthetic Travel provides a relaxed environment before or after the hair transplantation if desired.

During your entire stay, German and English speaking support is available to you. During all transfers as well as with the organisation of a hotel and the clinic our team will take care of you. Just talk to us!

Hair Transplant in Women Turkey - FAQ

Hair loss is a serious problem that affects women and men. Excessive hair loss is often caused by genetic factors. Hormonal changes, accidents and diseases can also lead to bald spots or baldness. Hair loss in women is a sensitive topic that is often tabooed, because many women suffer in silence from their aesthetic flaws. Are you also annoyed about circular hair loss or thinning hair? Then you should choose an effective treatment method which gives you new joy of life. The Aesthetic Travel team offers you a permanent solution to your hair problem! Opt for a hair transplant in Turkey if you want to increase your attractiveness, sustainably improve your well-being and strengthen your self-confidence.

Antalya has become an attraction for health tourists in recent years. This charming Mediterranean city is home to internationally renowned clinics specializing in hair transplantation for women. Hair transplantation performed in Antalya is significantly cheaper than a comparable treatment in Europe, America and Australia. This is primarily due to the lower personnel and operating costs of the Turkish clinics.

No, because hair transplantations are also performed in Turkey in compliance with the highest safety and quality standards. You can rely on the many years of experience of our competent hair experts. The medical staff uses only TÜV-approved equipment to perform hair transplantations for women. Look forward to first-class support, which we offer you at unbeatably favourable conditions!

The satisfaction of our customers has the highest priority for us. For this reason, we guarantee transparent fixed prices that do not include any hidden costs. The following services are included in the price of a hair transplant for women:

  • German and English speaking support on site
  • Blood collection and laboratory tests
  • Transfer between hotel, clinic and airport
  • Comprehensive consulting service
  • Overnight stay in a single room at the clinic
  • Full board (three meals)
  • Medicines and care shampoo

No, only a local anaesthetic is provided for this cosmetic procedure. Women who decide to have a hair transplantation in Turkey do not feel any pain during the treatment. Slight irritations of the scalp can occur in the days after hair transplantation, but these quickly subside.

Patients are fully socially acceptable 24 hours after their own hair transplantation. However, you should rest for a few days and avoid stress and physical exertion. Combine your hair transplantation in Turkey with a holiday in Antalya. Let yourself be enchanted by the Turkish hospitality and enjoy a relaxing holiday in a beautiful city.

Hair transplantation only leads to a redistribution of your own hair. You can, therefore, look forward to an impeccably beautiful result. Your new hair looks completely natural and no one can see that you’ve had an hair transplantation.