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Facelift in Turkey: The mirror reveals it daily, wrinkled facial skin. Recover your radiant face in the long term with highly modern aesthetic surgery.

Facelift in Turkey / Antalya – Prices & Procedure

Facelift in Turkey with your specialists in Turkey

The natural aging processes of the skin and the underlying tissues do not stop at our face. When you look in the mirror you will discover one or the other wrinkle or here and there a little superfluous fat cushion. You are certainly wondering whether there are ways to give your face a youthful touch in a natural and gentle way.

Especially in the facial area, Turkish cosmetic surgeons proceed with particular sensitivity and well-founded knowledge, since on the one hand the incision should be as “invisible” as possible and on the other hand your face should not appear mask-like after the facelift.

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Facelifting: expert advice and your personal treatment concept

Before the facelift, the Turkish plastic surgeon will first discuss your personal ideas and present the aesthetic-plastic measures for their implementation. Here your experts assess the individual parts of the face: the forehead-eye region, the middle third of the face, the mouth region and the neck-chin region. The procedures are designed in such a way that the facial proportions are ultimately in harmony with each other again.

In addition, you will be thoroughly examined and your medical history documented. Your plastic surgeon will also talk to you about the individual aspects of the treatment. These include the possible risks and complications of the operation, alternative surgical techniques and the costs of the facelift in Turkey. We will inform you about this on our website in a separate place.

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Professional face rejuvenation

Our cooperating cosmetic surgeons in Turkey develop individual, tailor-made facial rejuvenation concepts for you. They give your face a lasting natural youthful dynamic. The following structures can be remodelled during facelifting:

Deep nasolabial fold
Double chin
Cheek wrinkles
Sagging cervical skin

How do your Turkish cosmetic surgeons proceed with the facelift?

All facelift procedures are performed by Turkish cosmetic surgeons according to the most modern hygienic standards.

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Carrying out the facelift

For the operative tightening and restoration of the facial areas, you will either be put into general anaesthesia or twilight sleep. As a rule, one day is scheduled in the clinic after the operation. During the operation, the facial skin is carefully tightened, excess fat is removed or, if necessary, missing fatty tissue is built up. This gives your face new contours and a naturally rejuvenated appearance. Age-related wrinkles or expression lines are successfully smoothed out.

Ideally, this operation can also be combined very well with other interventions. Nose and chin corrections can be perfectly combined with it. In this way, the aesthetic plastic surgeon smoothes the facial skin on the one hand and harmonizes your facial profile on the other.

Discreet, professional approach

Beauty concepts individually adapted to your needs and a discreet approach mean that “fine” changes to your face are perceived positively by your counterpart, but cannot be attributed to the operation, since the plastic surgeon knows his trade. After the facelift you can turn back the time a little bit: You will look several years younger with your perfectly lifted face. Enjoy it!

The Aesthetic Travel team will be glad to advise you on the possibilities of having a facelift carried out by competent specialists in Turkey. Please contact us!

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Face Lifting in Turkey Before & After Photos

Face Lifting Turkey Before After
Face Lifting Turkey Before After
Face Lifting in Turkey Before After
Face Lifting Turkey Before After
Face Lifting in Antalya Before After

Face Lifting Turkey - FAQ

Face lifting is an effective way to smooth the entire face and neck area. Sunken areas of the skin are lifted during surgery and returned to their original position. This gives the face new elasticity and youthful freshness. Hanging bones, slack facial areas and pronounced wrinkles on the neck can be wonderfully corrected by a facelift. In this cosmetic operation, several signs of skin aging (including reduction of elasticity and volume loss) are targeted.

When the skin is aging it starts to show it with wrinkles, and for this reason face lifts are usually carried out from the age of 40 years. Face lifting is very popular aesthetic-surgical procedures in both women and men, as it promises both a lasting tightening of the skin and a clear rejuvenation of the facial contours.

Face lifting is a long-lasting procedure for wrinkle smoothing and facial lifting. It depends individually from everyone’s lifestyle, genetic conditions and the skin care. We can say that the lasting is usually form 8 to 15 years, because the skin is aging and is a natural process which cannot be stopped. If it desired it can be performed again in years.

In a classic facelift, the cut usually begins at the hairline of the temple and it runs around the ear and ends in the hairy back of the head. In every patient the cuts can be different because everyone’s face shape, skin is not same. All the scars after the face lift are healing very well and in very short time like 2 weeks they can become nearly invisible.

Face lift operation is done under a general anaesthesia and our clinic in Antalya, Turkey is fully renovated and equipped with the highest technologies. There can be pain after the surgery but with painkillers which will be described to you it will be under control. Other unpleasant feelings will be expected like tightness in the facial area, bluish discoloured hematomas, swelling or mild numbness but again the analgesics will relieve them and it an last up to 10-40 days.

We recommend our patients to get at least 2 weeks off from work to concentrate on their healing process and avoid going to sport for a longer like 4-5 weeks, because in the post-op of your face-lifting you need to keep your face very carefully. Only short walks in fresh air are allowed and which will help you to recover faster.

When you appear after your healing period in public, people around you will tell you for sure that you look much younger and fresher than before. There will be no scars that will be noticed from someone else and there is nothing to worry about.