Sex Transformation from Man to Woman in Turkey

Sex Transformation from Man to Woman in Turkey: A long way, finally at the goal. Gender-matching operations ensure that men can also realize their dream of living as a woman.

Sex Transformation from Woman to Man Turkey Cost – from £6,890

Sex Transformation from Woman to Man Turkey

Sex Transformation from Man to Woman Transformation in Turkey / Antalya – Prices & Procedure


Sex Transformation from Man to Woman in Turkey

You have not felt comfortable with your body and your social role for a long time and have a strong desire to have a sex change to a woman? In Turkey, specialists in urology, psychology and aesthetic-plastic surgery offer you all the necessary steps of this process in professional cooperation with each other. From the first consultation with a psychologist about hormonal changes, the surgical steps of invagination as well as the aesthetic-plastic shaping of your body to a woman, they are at your side and lead you into a completely new stage of life. Our team at Aesthetic Travel in Antalya will be happy to help you find a suitable aesthetic plastic surgeon! We are in close contact with Turkish cosmetic surgeons who have made a name for themselves in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery for sex reassignment surgery from man to woman. 

Please contact us. We take care of the placement of a competent expert. The gender change from man to woman in Turkey represents a process of change that takes place in individual steps that are very well coordinated. One part of the whole are the aesthetic-plastic interventions in Turkey, which transform your male appearance into a female one. The personal consultation with your aesthetic plastic surgeon in Turkey offers you a good opportunity to get to know your surgeon, his team and his practice. In this phase, your medical history is recorded, the procedure and its alternatives are explained as well as the risks and side effects and the resulting costs of the sex reassignment surgery from man to woman in Turkey. We will inform you about this in detail elsewhere on our website. After a physical examination and an assessment of the steps already performed, the data are compiled, analysed and an individual treatment concept for the aesthetic-plastic procedures is drawn up.

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Sex Transformation from Man to Woman in Turkey

Sex Transformation from Man to Woman in Turkey: From man to woman – your wish comes true!

You had felt like a stranger in your body for a very long time. Sometimes you also encountered a lack of understanding of wanting to change your gender. As a person affected, the pressure of suffering is often great and one is looking for competent doctors who can turn the heartfelt wish into reality. This is possible in several steps. A change from your masculinity, which felt so wrong to you, to femininity is taking place in Turkey.

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Sex Transformation from Man to Woman in Turkey From man to woman – your wish comes true
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Sex reassignment surgery in Turkey: Details on Aesthetic-Plastic Aspects

Our cooperating aesthetic plastic surgeons in Turkey have many years of experience in the field of sex reassignment surgery from man to woman and naturally perform the procedures according to the most modern medical and technical standards. You will do this with the utmost care and consideration and have your personal wishes regarding the transformation of your body in mind.

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Sex reassignment surgery in Turkey Details on Aesthetic-Plastic Aspects

Sex reassignment surgery from man to woman: What is possible in the aesthetic-plastic field?

Your Turkish surgeon will first inform you about the possibilities of aesthetic plastic surgery to transform your body, already changed by hormones and invagination, into a female appearance. The first aspect is the facial profile, which can get a woman’s physiognomy, for example through nose or chin correction and lip surgery. Furthermore, your surgeon in Turkey can do a breast augmentation/breast modelling to imitate the female breast. It is of course also important to effectively and permanently prevent a man’s natural hair growth in those areas that are not desirable in a woman (for example beard growth). Fat deposits that are not beneficial to a woman can be effectively removed by liposuction. Especially in the pubic area, important aspects of the transformation can be realized by modulating the labia, building up the mons pubis and creating a clitoral cap. Enjoy your new body feeling and show off a little with your new femininity! Let our Aesthetic Travel Team support you on your way to becoming a woman!

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Sex reassignment surgery from man to woman What is possible in the aesthetic-plastic field

Sex Transformation from Man to Woman in Turkey - FAQ

For a minimum of 6 months an anti-sex therapy with hormones must be carried out. For about 18 months a supervised psychotherapy including an everyday test must take place. For their diagnosis of transsexuality they need two expert opinions, which are made independently of each other. In addition, an indication (medical necessity) for the sex reassignment surgery operation is required, which is provided by a doctor who specialises in the treatment of transsexual patients. Furthermore, a declaration of cost absorption from the responsible health insurance company should be available, as otherwise you will have to cover all or part of the costs yourself.

Usually the neovagina is placed in the area between the bladder and the intestine and is lined using the so-called invagination method (inverted penile skin). Most surgeries also use part of your scrotum skin as a skin graft. This ensures that your neovagina is developed as widely and deeply as possible. At the same time, excessive tension or tensile stress directly on the neovagina and surrounding tissue with clitoris, urethra and mons pubis can be avoided.

Their glans serve as material for the clitoris, so to speak. The glans is preserved completely with the existing vascular-nerve bundle, but is used as a neoclitoris in such a way that it is only partially perceived from the outside.

As a rule, two procedures are planned. During the first operation your testicles and erectile tissue are removed, the urethra is shortened, the neovagina is constructed and the neoclitoris is formed from the tissue of your glans. During the second procedure, your new labia will be corrected/adjusted, the vagina will be enlarged and a suitable mons vagina will be built up.

The hospital stay usually lasts about two weeks for the first operation and about one week for the second.

This period depends on the course of the operation and the subsequent wound healing process. General statements cannot therefore be made. Roughly speaking, you can expect to spend twice as much time in hospital.

Depending on wound healing, several months should pass between the two operations.

Approximately fourteen days after the first operation, you can start to dilate your neovagina very carefully with medical vibrators / dildos or dilators.

Special risks of an operative sex change from man to woman are among other things:

  • Urethra, bladder and intestine injuries are extremely rare. If this occurs, fistulas can form between the neovagina and the bladder, for example. Another operation would be performed here.
  • Also very rare is tissue loss such as the death of the full skin graft or the neoclitoris. Sometimes wound healing disorders can occur with skin grafts, whereby minimal areas can die off. These usually heal on their own.
  • Constrictions within the neovagina are very rare. However, this can lead to inflammatory/scarred processes. If you find this to be a hindrance or disturbing, a correction operation can help.
  • Constrictions within the newly created urethral opening are rare, but can usually be treated during the second operation.