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Eyelid Correction in Turkey: Eyes convey the vitality of the body. However, if they are tired and limp, the radiance in the face is missing. It comes back through corrected eyelids.

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Eyelid Correction in Turkey / Antalya – Prices & Procedure

Your lifting of the eyelids in Turkey

Despite sufficient sleep, a healthy diet and a good stress balance, you always look tired and have permanently drooping lids? Even make-up cannot cover this up and you often feel severely restricted in your quality of life?

We at Aestehtic Travel in Antalya have a solution for you: lifting of the eyelids by specialist surgeons in Turkey! With the help of this professional surgical procedure your eyelids will be tightened and annoying dark circles around your eyes and heavy eyelids will be permanently corrected. In addition, you save costs if you decide to undergo cosmetic surgery in Turkey! Any more questions? Simply contact us for advice.

Lacrimal sacs, dark circles around the eyes and drooping eyelids – What can you do?

Eyelid Correction in Turkey: In particular, lachrymal sacks and so-called slippers cause the face to age prematurely, sometimes even in young people. The condition of the skin plays an important role, especially because unevenness, swelling or dark furrows often fall quickly into the eye due to the very delicate and sensitive eyelid skin. The Aestehtic Travel Team Antalya offers you professional plastic face surgery measures in Turkey so that you can face your fellow human beings fresh and openly again and at the same time your personal well-being is permanently increased.

Not only will you look rejuvenated and vital after a successful correction of your eyelids (eyelid lifting), the operation also offers additional advantages such as a reduction in the constant feeling of pressure and the weight of the upper eyelids, thereby also normalising your field of vision. Furthermore, the contact lenses will never rub again and make-up will no longer be a problem in the future!

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What is the procedure for eyelid lifting in Turkey?

In order to achieve an open and dynamic appearance, our Aestehtic Travel Team Antalya recommends a lifting of the eyelids, which completely removes excess skin, muscle tissue and protruding fat. At the beginning, the incisions are drawn by your plastic surgeon in Turkey, followed – depending on the type of operation – by sedation. To ensure that no scars remain visible after the operation, the incisions are selected so that they run parallel to the edges of the eyelids and can thus be hidden in the skin folds, and the wound edges are sutured microfine.

If you suffer from tear sacs, the classic problem of the lower eyelids, which are bulges on the lower eyelids that cause the aging process, we offer you in Turkey the aesthetic correction of tear sacs. Lachrymal sacs are often referred to as “fatty sacs” because fat accumulates in the lower eyelids – the fat that still sits around the eye during adolescence gradually moves downwards with age and bulges the very thin skin of the eyelid outwards. With an inconspicuous clean cut along the lash line, the lower lid edge is opened and the fatty tissue is carefully removed. To prevent a malpositioning of the lower eyelid, some patients have their outer eyelid angle fixed to the bone (eyelid angle fixation).

Since a lower eyelid lift is somewhat more time-consuming than an upper eyelid lift (about 90 minutes), we at Aesthetic Travel Antalya recommend the choice of general anesthesia. As an alternative to this surgical procedure, lower lid plastic surgery can also be performed through the conjunctival sac so that no scars remain.

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How are dark circles around the eyes eliminated?

In the case that you suffer from “real” sunken eye circles with the lower lids bulging out, it is a matter of tear sacs. These are corrected most efficiently with lower lid surgery. Alternative possibilities, which we also offer you in Turkey, is a lifting of the eyelids without surgery and without cosmetic surgical tightening. In this case you can be injected with either hyaluronic acid or your own fat. The hyaluron gel is a little cheaper, especially in Turkey, but with own fat much better results are achieved. In order to be able to inject own fat into dark circles around the eyes, this must first be obtained in the form of liposuction (e.g. on the knees, stomach or legs), which additionally weakens the body.

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Eyelid Correction in Turkey Before & After Photos

Eyelid Correction Turkey Before After
Eyelid Correction Turkey Before After
Eyelid Correction Turkey Before After
Eyelid Correction in Turkey Before After
Eyelid Correction Turkey Before After
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Eyelid Correction Turkey - FAQ

The droopy eyelids, puffy bags, creepy eye skin and dark circles are treated by eyelid correction in Turkey also known as Blepharoplasty. By eyelid surgery the skin around the eye can get tighten, it is cosmetic surgery procedure and is depending on your exact needs. For example some needs upper or lower eyelids, or both of the eyelids. By blepharoplasty we can remove easily the loose skin and excess and muscle tissue for visual rejuvenation effect.

Slippery eyelids often arise in advanced age, when the skin in the forehead or eyebrow area loses his elasticity the skin round the eye slackens. It can also be genetically determined and occur at an early age, depends on the persons genetics. When a droopy eyelid occurs it is a disturbing cosmetic problem for women and men in the same time it can limit the vision and strain the look. Slippery eyelids make the look less open and fresh. In the course of an eyelid correction, slip-irons are effectively treated and specifically corrected.

The common known problems of eye bags is loss of fatty tissue in the upper cheeks, the other one is the weakening of the orbital septum and the third is the gens of our nature, and sometimes a person is born just this way. The doctor will remove or adjust the fat under the eyes to eliminate the bags.

Yes! Eyelid surgery is performing to achieve aesthetic success that will last for a long time. Patients who are looking for eyelid surgery in Turkey can be sure that will get fresher and more vital after their cosmetic operation. This rejuvenation will give you the most desired effect which will last for many years and ensures increased well-being.

Eyelid surgery is performing under local anaesthesia and it has a low risks during the surgery and rarely occurs complications in result. The possible things that can be seen are swelling, hematomas, dryness, or transient sensory disturbances on the edge of the lid may occur in the first few days after eyelid surgery.

As the researches shows that almost 50 % of the Asians are born with ‘Single eyelid’ or ‘double eyelid’ type, these means that when the eye is open there is not a crease and naturally they don’t have the double eyelid fold. Thanks to this surgical method Asians gets the more open, less tired eyes and especially for women using make-up, applying shadows eyeliners its desirable cosmetic future.  In result the Asian patient will have the natural-looking double eyelid.

After eyelid surgery we recommend our patients to rest at least for a weak. The heavy physical work, sport activities shoed be avoided for up to 3 weeks.