Gynaecomastia in Turkey

Gynaecomastia in Turkey: If you suffer from a man’s breast, you can’t look at mirrors. However, a perfect body can be modeled individually through innovative aesthetic surgery.

Gynaecomastia turkey

Gynaecomastia in Turkey / Antalya – Prices & Procedure

Gynecomastia in Turkey: Have your male breast treated by experienced specialists from Turkey

While a beautifully shaped breast is a real eye-catcher for women, it looks quite different for men. Different causes can lead to excessive breast growth in men. Hormonal causes, excessive alcohol consumption, doping or over-nourishment, for example, can play a role here. Are you affected by such undesired breast growth and looking for a remedy from a beauty specialist in Turkey?

Our team at Aesthetic Travel in Antalya will be happy to help you find a suitable aesthetic plastic surgeon! We are in close contact with Turkish cosmetic surgeons who have made a name for themselves in the field of gynaecomastia. Please contact us. We take care of the placement of a competent expert.

Gynaecomastia in turkey

Gynaecomastia is initially prepared within the framework of a personal consultation and the subsequent individual treatment concept.

The personal consultation with your aesthetic plastic surgeon in Turkey offers you a good opportunity to get to know your surgeon, his team and his premises. In this phase your medical history is recorded, the procedure and its alternatives are explained and the risks and side effects and the incurred costs of gynecomastia in Turkey are discussed. We will inform you about this in detail elsewhere on our website. After a physical examination, all data are compiled, analysed and an individual treatment concept for gynaecomastia is created.

Gynecomastia: A male thing!

As an affected person, you are often embarrassed because your breast is too luxuriant, the personal suffering is great. With a small surgical intervention by your Turkish specialist, however, you can give your breast back its masculinity, which you can then confidently display again.

Gynaecomastia turkey antalya
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Gynaecomastia, performed by Turkish plastic surgeons

Our cooperating aesthetic plastic surgeons in Turkey have many years of experience in the field of gynaecomastia and naturally perform the procedures according to the most modern medical and technical standards. You will do this with the utmost care and consideration and have your personal wishes regarding breast modelling in mind.

Gynecomastia in Turkey: Procedure and technique

First, your Turkish surgeon will assess whether the unwanted burst enlargement is merely a proliferation of fat or whether the mammary gland tissue has grown too much. In addition, both phenomena can occur together.

If there is only an excess fat, it can be gently aspirated under slight local anaesthesia of the donor site. If glandular tissue has grown excessively, it is surgically removed in an operation under general anesthesia. The corresponding incision is placed inconspicuously below the areola. This needs to be done skilfully, because a symmetrical result must be achieved in this operation. That is why we only place cosmetic surgeons in Turkey who perform these procedures with appropriate routine and comprehensive know-how.

About three weeks after the gynecomastia operation in Turkey, you are back to your old self and can present your male breast with a skin-tight T-shirt or a free upper body. Due to the ideally placed incision, the fact that you have undergone gynecomastia treatment is not visible to outsiders.

Enjoy your new body feeling and show off a little with your firm man’s breast! Let our Aesthetic Travel Team support you on the way to your strong chest!

Gynaecomastia turkey prices

Gynaecomastia in Turkey Before & After Photos

Gynaecomastia Turkey Before After
Gynaecomastia Turkey Before After
Gynaecomastia Turkey Before After
Gynaecomastia in Turkey Before After
Gynaecomastia Turkey Before After
Gynaecomastia in Antalya Before After

Gynaecomastia Turkey - FAQ

Gynecomastia in Turkey is a medical condition, which causes breast enlargement of the male mammary gland. It is a hormonal disorder of the male’s breast and by time it almost take the shape of female breast, result’s from the over grown breast tissue behind and around the areola. It can even turn into a mental stress strain, scratching your self-confidence.

Gynecomastia in Turkey can be seen on one or both sides. Usually indicates on a hormonal disorder or any medical side-effects, or drugs like marijuana. Also obese patients often suffer from pseudo-gynecomastia, which is due to increased fat accumulation in the chest area. Gynecomastia always creates extra estrogenic that will cause the breast enlargement.

There are couple of method of treatments which can be suitable for everyone. After the consultation your doctor will give you the best result. The fatty hypertrophy of the male breast (pseudo-gynaecomastia due to adipose tissue proliferation) can be corrected by liposuction. Surgical breast tissue reduction is required in case of true gynecomastia. The removal of the enlarged mammary gland takes place via a small incision on the areola vestibule. Balancing liposuction can help to achieve a symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing surgical result. If a clearly visible excessive skin remains, a breast lift is recommended.

Each patient is unique, and each recovery can show differences. Bruising and swelling are normally seen in the post-op and it disappears within four weeks. The compression garments are strongly recommended to wear in the healing, because it will help you to pass this time quicker. After the surgery you wouldn’t be taking sunbaths until the scars are no longer red. Hot baths and sauna visits are allowed after eight weeks at the earliest. In case of any pain, you will be prescribed of some medications by your surge.

Immediately after the operation you will see the difference. And in 3-6 months the full recovery will be completed and we are sure that you will be satisfied with the result. About the scars- they are permanent but by the time they will fade.

Office work can be resumed after seven to ten days, but heavy physical work should be avoided for at least three weeks. Leisurely bike rides and walks in the fresh air support the postoperative healing process. However, you should refrain from doing sports activities that make the chest tense or shaken for six weeks.

The gynecomastia operation in Turkey cost about 2,300 euros. It can show changes because of your needs. Our pricing policy is fixed and all-inclusive, in your consultation with as you will get the right fixed- price deal. We are offering you a chance of being tourist in Antalya, by getting done your operation.