Bariatric Surgery in Turkey

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    Professional Bariatric Surgery in Turkey

    Bariatric Surgery in Turkey: Feeling comfortable in one’s own body is one of the prerequisites that make our lives harmonious and balanced. However, a diet and lifestyle change does not always work, which involves a lot of exercise, sports and stress management (like Pilates, yoga or meditation). In particular, when additional health factors such as obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular disease occur, a professional medical practitioner should be sought to help improve the quality of life. We from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya offer you several options to accompany you not only in this way, you will also experience in Turkey a big price savings!

    What is the operational options for obesity offered by Aesthetic Travel in Turkey?

    In general, we as Aesthetic Travel offer both restrictive techniques and so-called bypass techniques in Antalya. Restrictive gastric surgery includes, for example, the gastric balloon, the gastric band, and the stomach (gastric reduction). In contrast, minimally invasive bypass techniques include gastric bypass and omega bypass as the primary variants of gastric surgery (bariatric surgery).

    Restrictive gastric surgical techniques in Turkey

    In addition to the gastric balloon, which is either simply swallowed or used by your specialist in Turkey as an outpatient, there is the possibility of gastric banding, which divides the stomach in two by means of a laparoscopic gastric operation. In addition, we as Aesthetic Travel in Antalya recommend the tube stomach (sleeve gastrectomy) surgery to achieve your desired weight and a new quality of life. The latter describes a gastric reduction, which is often referred to by specialists as gastrectomy. In a gastric tube surgery, your surgeon’s in Turkey will shrink your stomach to a maximum of 2-3 cm (about 85-150 ml), and the patient will feel more satiated faster. Another advantage of this surgery is that it also removes the part of the stomach that produces the hunger hormones, such as ghrelin – which means you are not only less hungry with this bariatric surgery, you also have positive changes in overweight-related illnesses!

    Bariatric Surgery in Turkey: Cosmetic Surgical Bypass Techniques in Turkey

    A distinction is made between gastric bypass, mini-bypass (omega-bypass), transit bipartition according to Santoro, and the Roux-Y gastric bypass within gastric bypass surgery in Turkey. Furthermore, there are the so-called Biliopancreatic Diversion and the Duodenal Switch – both techniques are available in Turkey but no longer used.

    All bypass techniques are performed laparoscopically via the so-called keyhole method – that is, by means of a special laparoscopy and with only a few incisions in the stomach cover. The primary goal of bypass techniques is to bypass part of the digestive system in ways that reduce the intake of carbohydrates and fats, which would otherwise increase the weight in an unhealthy way in poor nutrition. Unfortunately, however, the nutrient intake is also limited, which is why the patient is then forced to take lifelong supplements. Nevertheless, especially the gastric bypass in Turkey is a very successful method to reduce the weight up to 70%!

    Which achievements you can get with a stomach surgery in Turkey?

    You can experience significant weight loss within the first two years after your bariatric surgery which is offered by your Aesthetic Travel in Antalya Team. However, the respective sense of achievement always depends on both the motivation and the continuous cooperation of the patient! The better thing is the patient sticks to his or her individual nutritional plan and integrates sports activities into his or her life, the higher the chances of success.

    What are the costs of having a stomach operation in Turkey?

    In general, you can expect up to 70% cheaper prices for a stomach operation if you seek medical treatment in Turkey. In addition, we as Aesthetic Travel in Antalya offer you the opportunity to introduce you to the best and most professional doctors and specialist surgeons in Turkey. If you are interested, you will also get the chance to pay by installments.