Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Rhinoplasty in Turkey: By a nice nose shape you gain a harmonious and sympathetic expression on the face. Attractive facial features make your success and relaxed lifestyle easier.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey / Antalya – Prices & Procedure

Rhinoplasty in Turkey – by your specialist in Turkey

The shape and size of your nose contribute significantly to the expression of your facial profile and also influence the harmony of your facial proportions. When looking in the mirror, however, you have noticed that your nose dominates the facial profile very much or in contrast is very little pronounced and thus contributes to a flattening of your face shape. In you, the desire is aroused to harmonize the nasal aesthetics harmoniously and at the same time gently to your other facial structures. This is possible by means of aesthetic surgery performed by plastic surgeons in Turkey.

Our team from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya is in close contact with the most renowned specialists in nose surgery in Turkey and will be happy to help you make these contacts. Just talk to us.

Rhinoplasty in turkey

Rhinoplasty: Comprehensive advice and a treatment concept tailored to your needs

Before an aesthetic-plastic rhinoplasty, there are precise arrangements between you and the cosmetic surgeon, so that your wishes and ideas regarding the modelling of your nose as well as the medical possibilities can be reconciled. In the course of the first consultation, the Turkish cosmetic surgeon will introduce you to the various methods that can be used for the procedure. You will also be examined and your history documented. In addition, the surgeon will conduct an educational session with you, and the anesthesia team will discuss the anesthesia procedure with you.

It goes without saying that you will be comprehensively informed about possible risks and complications of surgery, surgical alternatives and the costs of rhinoplasty in Turkey. These will be listed in a separate place for you.

Rhinoplasty – what is possible?

Correction of long and humped nose
Straightening of crooked noses
Narrowing or widening of noses
Correction of the nose tip
Filling in depressions, like a saddle nose
If the nasal septum is curved, it can be straightened during the procedure.

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How are your Turkish plastic surgeons doing their nose surgery?

The cosmetic surgeons in Turkey have many years of experience in the field of nose correction and of course work according to the most modern standards of medicine and technology.

Rhinoplasty – The surgical procedure

The surgical preparation, implementation and aftercare are professionally supervised by both the team of the aesthetic plastic surgeon and the anesthesia team.

Rhinoplasty Turkey costs

Nasal surgery generally takes place under general anesthesia. Depending on the question, the cartilage and bone mass of the nose are ablated or filled. Optionally, the nasal septum can be straightened. The incision is made in the nose to avoid external scarring.

After surgery, the nose is tamponated and placed first in a plaster cast, which is later replaced by a plaster bandage. You will be informed in detail about the side effects of the operation and the healing process will be accompanied by a doctor during the follow-up examinations. After surgery on the nose you should definitely do without a few weeks on greater efforts to avoid rebleeding.

Rhinoplasty is part of the expert’s hand

Aesthetic-plastic procedures on the nose are very demanding surgeries that require great surgical skill and a good dose of experience. Therefore, trust our cooperating Turkish cosmetic surgeons, who successfully carry out your nose correction with high sensitivity and professional competence.

The Aesthetic Travel team will be pleased to advise you on the options for having nose surgery performed by specialists in Turkey. Please contact us! On our website you will find more interesting topics on cosmetic surgery. You may also be interested in a chin correction or a facelift?

Rhinoplasty turkey prices

Rhinoplasty in Turkey Before & After Photos

Rhinoplasty in Turkey Before After
Gastric Bypass Turkey Before After
Rhinoplasty in Turkey Before After
Gastric Bypass in Turkey Before After
Rhinoplasty in Turkey Before After
Gastric Bypass Antalya Before After

Rhinoplasty Turkey - FAQ

A rhinoplasty is nose operation to change the shape or improve its function, so it can be performed for medical reasons such as some breathing nasal disorders. And also the most of the times it is done by cosmetic reasons, to change the shape, size and appearance. The nose is placed right in the middle of the face and that’s why many people doesn’t like and weaken the self-confidence. Whether humpback nose, saddle nose or crooked nose all these can be corrected permanently with giving you a natural results.

There is the closed technique, which is operated exclusively by incisions inside the nose. And the other one is the open surgical technique which requires an additional cut on the bridge of the nose. If the closed surgical technique is used, fewer visible scars are produced. The open technique, however, allows a better view of the operating area. Most of the physical conditions of the patient decide which method is used.

Rhinoplasty is considered as a low risk operation, but of course it is a surgical method and some side effects can occur. The pain –it is not in high level and can be controlled with pain killers which will be prescribed to you after your rhinoplasty in Antalya. Swelling is one of the most seen side effects and appears around the eyes and nose, it can last the following days of the surgery. But it is important to note that some minor swelling can occur during 6 months ant the final result can be seen in a year. Bruising is the other side effect which can be associated with rhinoplasty. This depends on the patients sensitivity and appears in the eyes and it can last up to 10 days.

Your new nose, bones will need at least about six weeks until the fully recover. And in this period you should follow the restrictions because it is very important the light wrong step can destroy the shape of it. There is a long list of restrictions please click the link to see all of them and take care.

You will need at least 10 days to recover and later you can easily go back to work but need to avoid heavy movements. About sport activities they are districted for a longer because you need to keep your face from bumping and this can happen at the gym. You can walk slowly but other heavy liftings, fast steps are forbidden about security reasons.

The ultimate goal of a nose job is to get a natural-looking result. Our qualified doctors here in Antalya ensure that the operated nose is aesthetically pleasing to your facial profile. After completing wound healing, outsiders can no longer recognize that you have had a nose operation.

The nasal tissue is slow to heal and needs about six to twelve months to fully recover after surgery. All externally visible signs of a rhinoplasty (swelling, redness, bruising) are almost gone after only two to four weeks and barely recognizable to medical laymen.