Bleaching in Turkey

Bleaching in Turkey: Brighten teeth gently. The positive effect of the rows of teeth and the mouth area depends to a large extent on the color of the teeth.

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Bleaching Turkey

Bleaching in Turkey / Antalya – Prices & Procedure

Bleaching in Turkey – experience a completely new tooth feeling

The white and radiant teeth are beautiful but unfortunately not everyone naturally has beautiful and white teeth. Every person’s tooth colour show differences, and depends on the individual structure, function and oral flora surrounding the teeth.

Not everyone naturally has beautiful white and teeth. Because the tooth color varies from person to person – and depends on the individual structure, function and oral flora surrounding the teeth. In addition, certain foods and stimulants such as caffeine-containing drinks (including coke, tea or coffee), as well as red wine with time lead to discoloration on the teeth. In addition, various drugs or genetic patterns of inheritance are often considered the cause of rapid tooth discoloration and deposits.

But with the help of a professional tooth bleaching with us in Turkey, you can let your personal “white” shine again! Simply contact our Aesthetic travel team in Antalya and make an appointment at short notice.

Bleaching in Turkey – experience a completely new tooth feeling

The whitening treatment for your teeth – Function & mode of action

The whitening is carried out by means of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) – a substance that leads to a chemical reaction of the tooth colorants (oxidation) and thus lightens the teeth. The color scale contains several white levels, but on average a maximum of 2-3 color shades are possible because, as already described above, each person has their own natural tooth color. Your dentist team in Turkey attache great importance to a natural appearance, so that the chosen tooth shade fits your person well.

The whitening treatment for your teeth – Function & mode of action
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Procedure – the teeth whitening

In general, both intact (vital) and already dead (devitalized) teeth can be bleached. Here, however, it should be noted that when nerveless, root-treated teeth, the bleaching agent must be introduced into the open tooth. This is referred to in the jargon as internal bleach or walking whitening.

To bleach vital teeth, you have several options: Either you simply perform in your home (home bleaching), or in your dental practice of your choice (in-office bleaching), which you from our Aesthetic travel team in Turkey get mediated. Once you have decided on the home bleaching variant, you will receive a custom-made plastic splint into which the gel-like bleach will be added. To bleach your teeth as gently as possible, wearing this splint should not exceed a period of about 4-6 weeks! In addition, the dental treatment should be checked by your dentist at regular intervals. On the other hand, if you opt for the second form of dental bleaching, ie the in-office measure, we can apply a highly concentrated bleaching substance (> 0.1% H2O2) on site.

The gum is well covered for protection by means of rubber sleeves or a special sealant. In a second step, the bleaching agent is then applied directly to the tooth surface so that the teeth can be effectively brightened, under the supervision of the dentist. At the end of each bleaching session, the bleach is completely removed so that you can see the positive result directly. If necessary, this procedure can be repeated after a few days.

If you are interested in a whitening treatment during your stay in Turkey, just contact us from Aesthetic-Travel in Antalya and we will find your local dental contact! In addition, we recommend that you always have a professional tooth cleaning (PZR). Performed before a teeth whitening, in order to remove annoying deposits already in advance efficiently.

Procedure – the teeth whitening

Bleaching in Turkey - FAQ

There aren’t permanent damages to the enamel or any other tooth structure by bleaching.

In general, there are many ways on the internet to whiten your teeth (for example with baking soda, lemon, olive oil, etc.). However, the highest caution is advised and it is strongly discouraged as it attacks the essential enamel too quickly. After a very short time, bacteria that promote inflammation can enter the interior of the tooth and destroy the tooth altogether!

It depends on the type of bleaching and of course, the country and place vary the cost of teeth whitening. Not only you save money with us in Turkey if you opt for a whitening treatment with Aesthetic-Travel, you will also come back with a radiant white smile after your holiday!

The costs, which on one with a professional tooth bleaching on one are not taken over by the health insurance.

The effect of a tooth bleaching usually lasts a year, in some cases it can be longer.