Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey

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    Why is a laser eye surgery in Turkey worthwhile?

    As you have read about the advantages mentioned above, our clinic works with the most modern equipment in the field of eye medicine. How then does the price difference between Europe and Turkey with the eye laser come about?

    In contrast to comparable interventions in Europe, you save a lot of money during the intervention in Turkey. The difference lies only in the differently expensive personnel costs and operating costs of a hospital. We will pass this price advantage on to you directly! Under no circumstances do you save on quality!

    You want sun, beach and sea? No problem!

    Simply combine a nice holiday in Turkey with your stay at Aestethic Travel and your laser eye surgery. We offer you in Turkey to recover in a relaxed environment before or after the laser eye surgery.

    If you decide for an eye laser surgery at Aesthetic Travel you will receive a comprehensive care service. English and German language support during your entire stay as well as the organisation of hotel, clinic and upcoming transfer trips.

    We look forward to your call or inquiry.