Orthodontia in Turkey

Orthodontia in Turkey: Innovative and intelligent. Much better visible results are achieved in malocclusions. The treatment is also suitable for all ages.

Orthodontia Turkey

Orthodontia in Turkey / Antalya – Prices & Procedure

Orthodontia in Turkey: General orthodontics for young and old

We at Aestehtic-Travel in Antalya are happy to arrange for you to visit your local orthodontist in Turkey. Depending on whether you want to treat a malposition, need a sports protection or you need a snoring therapy, we help you where we can!

Beautiful, straight teeth are not only important for personal aesthetics, but also provide balanced health. If you regularly and correctly care for your teeth, Eat a well-balanced diet and generally attach great importance to inner peace and stability, you will also radiate a much greater sense of well-being!

Orthodontia in Turkey General orthodontics for young and old

Transform Your Smile and Well-being with Orthodontic Treatment in Antalya

Unfortunately, not every person naturally has healthy and straight rows of teeth. Often misalignments (anomalies) arise due to trauma or are genetically innate. These so-called imbalances then affect the entire body, which not only the posture is affected, also often cause pain in the head, neck or back.

We at Aestehtic-Travel in Antalya want to offer you the opportunity to be treated during your stay abroad with us in Turkey. In addition, you save considerable costs if you decide for a specific orthodontic treatment, which will no longer be taken over by the health insurance companies at a certain age.

Orthodontia in Turkey General orthodontics for young and old
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Types of orthodontics

In general, different types of orthodontic treatment are distinguished. Depending on your initial situation – that is, whether you have already been treated, you have recently had an accident, or you have passed a certain age (so that you can no longer work with natural growth), our specialists opt for one individually tailored to your treatment method.

The following orthodontic services are offered by us in Turkey:

General Orthodontics (KFO)
Holistic Orthodontics (KFO)
Functional Orthodontics (KFO)
Functional diagnostics
Snoring rail

Of course, you will receive all benefits for adults, children and adolescents as well as a first “KFO check-up” for toddlers.

Types of orthodontics

Orthodontia Turkey - FAQ

With children and adolescents, the specialist has to reconsider the growth of them and can use it on his treatment. A good sample is braces. Over time the growth is correcting the tooth displacement.

Adults do not have this advantage anymore. The lingual technique is used and means, a fixed brace is used from inside.

Holistic orthodontics is an all-encompassing medical approach that focuses not only on the treatment of the dental and jaw systems, but rather on all other symptoms and possible complaints that affect the rest of the body. For example, additional manual treatment with the physiotherapist can help to control the occlusion problems of pressing and crunching more efficiently.

In children’s and adolescent orthodontics treatments, growth (such as jaw growth) is always on their side. This means that treating with a brace over time will cause natural growth to regulate the malposition.

In an adult, however, this phase of growth is completed, which is why no more loose braces can be used here. Fixed braces are usually made in the form of a lingual technique (fixed braces from the inside).