Intimate Surgery for Women in Turkey

Intimate Surgery for Women in Turkey: New sensation of pleasure through vaginal rejuvenation. By tightening and narrowing the vagina you can experience and enjoy your sexuality anew.

Intimate Surgery for Women Turkey Cost – from £2,190

Intimate Surgery for Women Turkey

Intimate Surgery for Women in Turkey / Antalya – Prices & Procedure


Female genital surgery: Professional and sensitive approach of plastic surgeons in Turkey

Today, the intimate area of the woman can be changed gently and almost painlessly with the modern standards of aesthetic plastic surgery. Interventions in the intimate zone can give women a new body feeling, redefine their femininity and possibly also positively influence their desire for sexuality.

Our team at Aesthetic Travel is in close contact with Turkish specialists in female genital surgery. The cosmetic surgeons who cooperate with us look back on many years of experience in this field, align their work to the most modern medical and technical standards, take your personal wishes regarding the aesthetic-plastic corrections of your genital area into account and proceed particularly discreetly and considerately.


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Female genital surgery Professional and sensitive approach of plastic surgeons in Turkey

Intimate Surgery for Women in Turkey: individual consultation and treatment concept

With a good portion of empathy, well-founded know-how and routine, the Turkish plastic surgeon welcomes you in his practice/clinic. In the context of the discreetly held and in detail arranged consultation first your desires for change in the intimate range are taken up. During the conversation, the plastic surgeon introduces the various possibilities of intimate surgery and the appropriate method of treatment is chosen. In addition, your medical history will be recorded, a physical examination will be carried out and a comprehensive consultation will be held. The anaesthesia team is also involved. Your doctor will inform you comprehensively about the possible risks and complications of the operation, will show you alternatives and will provide you with an overview of the costs incurred for intimate surgery in Turkey. Please also read the separate cost list on our website.

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Intimate Surgery for Women in Turkey individual consultation and treatment concept
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Genital area – aesthetically and functionally optimally designed

The aim of the procedure is, at your personal request, an aesthetic and functional improvement of your genital area. With instinct and high professional competence the Turkish surgeons turn your wishes into an optimal result.

Changes in the genital area: Turkish cosmetic surgeons’ approach

There is no doubt that our cooperating aesthetic plastic surgeons in Turkey perform the operations in the female genital area on a high professional level, with routine and with protection of the tissues involved. It goes without saying that the European hygiene standards for surgical procedures are fully complied with.


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Genital area – aesthetically and functionally optimally designed

Female genital surgery: procedure and technique

Labia reduction: This procedure is performed to reduce the size of the labia majora. Here it is necessary to remove excess tissue as gently as possible in order to restore the harmonious proportions of the inner and outer labia. Enlargement of the labia: This can be done with an injection of the patient’s own fat or a special hyaluronic acid filler. The first variant requires liposuction, in which fatty tissue is removed from the abdomen or thighs, prepared, cleaned and inserted into the labia, for example. The small operation can be performed under local anesthesia. Pubic mound surgery: Here, the surgeon has two variants of the procedure at his disposal. One is liposuction from the mons pubis and the other is an injection of phosphatidylcholine, which leads to the dissolution of the fat cells. Enlargement of the G-spot: The procedure is performed to increase the sensitivity and excitability of this area near the vaginal entrance. The plastic surgeons use a hyaluron filler to inject the area. A little surgery under local anesthesia. After all interventions you will receive competent care and instructions for the healing phase as well as appointments for possible follow-up checks. Aesthetic Travel in Antalya will be glad to arrange an appointment with your Turkish specialist for aesthetic plastic corrections in the genital area. You are also welcome to inform yourself about other topics on our website. Are you interested in breast augmentation or reduction, for example?

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Female genital surgery procedure and technique

Intimate Surgery for Women Turkey - FAQ

Modern intimate surgery has gained popularity in recent years and has already helped many patients to regain self-confidence and a positive body feeling. Perhaps you are one of those women who are dissatisfied with the length or shape of the labia? Do you avoid swimming pools and sauna visits or does your aesthetic blemish even affect your relationship with your partner? Then you should go to the plastic surgeon. He will explain the surgical treatment options of intimate surgery to you and advise you sensitively. Of course, your concerns and questions will be treated strictly confidentially.

More and more women suffer from the asymmetry or the general appearance of their labia. It is therefore not surprising that labia correction is one of the most important procedures in the field of intimate surgery. Long or flaccid labia can impair your own body sensation during sports and sexual intercourse. In addition, many affected women find them unaesthetic. In the context of a labia reduction the shape of the labia can be corrected effectively and permanently.

In labia reduction, the surgeon removes excess tissue from the outer or inner labia. In this way, a satisfactory result can be achieved that meets the individual wishes of the patient. Careful incisions ensure that no conspicuous scars remain.

Intimate surgery helps women to achieve an aesthetically pleasing intimate area that corresponds to their individual desires. Our patients feel a completely new attitude towards life after their operation. Self-doubt or inferiority complexes dissolve into air. Sauna and swimming pool visits as well as interpersonal relationships can be fully enjoyed again.

After your surgery, the genital area should be kept as sterile as possible. Allow yourself a recovery period of one to two weeks before you return to work. In addition, you should refrain from sexual intercourse and sporting activities for three to four weeks in order not to impair wound healing.

It is perfectly normal for slight swelling to develop after surgery, but it subsides quickly. Some patients report a temporary sensory disorder in the operated area. This usually disappears completely after a few days or weeks. In rare cases, minor postoperative bleeding, infections or wound healing disorders may occur. Our intimate surgical procedures are performed exclusively in renowned Turkish clinics. This reduces the surgical risk to a minimum.

Intimate surgical procedures are already carried out from a price of £2,190. The exact costs depend on the effort of the operation. However, we would like to assure you that you will not be surprised by hidden costs. All women who are interested in our intimate surgery in Turkey are first advised by our medically trained specialists by telephone. You will then receive a written offer at a fixed price.