Breast Augmentation in Turkey

Breast Augmentation in Turkey: Complex and lack of self-confidence have an end. By enlarging your bust the feminine and erotic side is rediscovered in you.

Breast Augmentation in Turkey / Antalya – Prices & Procedure

Breast augmentation by your specialists in Turkey

You have long thought about having your breast enlarged according to your personal ideas and would like to have your dream of the perfect cleavage fulfilled with a safe and gentle operation, which is carried out by an experienced beauty specialist in Turkey?

Our team at Aesthetic Travel in Antalya is in close contact with the most renowned cosmetic surgeons in Turkey and will be glad to help you establish these contacts. Just talk to us about it.

Breast augmentation – From consultation to individual treatment concept

The breast augmentation in Turkey should correspond exactly to your personal ideas and wishes later, therefore, the cosmetic surgeons from Turkey deal with all aspects of the breast surgery in a comprehensive and personal consultation: from your wishes for a dreamlike cleavage over the physical and health conditions up to the implant material as well as the surgical technique. Possible risks or alternative treatment techniques will be discussed, as well as the costs incurred for breast augmentation in Turkey, about which we will inform you separately on our website. In this way, the Turkish beauty specialists develop an individually adapted treatment concept for each individual patient.

Breast implants – Pay attention to quality and longevity!

The continuous medical development and improvement of breast augmentation techniques enable cosmetic surgeons in Turkey to select from a large pool of breast implants just the right one for your wishes and to shape your breast with it. You want to enjoy your well-formed breast for a long time, so the choice of the size, shape and surface texture of the implant is of decisive importance for the long-term success of this cosmetic surgery. Their Turkish cosmetic surgeons use quality-tested breast implants from leading manufacturers.

How do your plastic surgeons proceed with breast augmentation?

Turkish breast surgeons can look back on many years of expertise in this field and are particularly sensitive to their patients as well as to the modelling of harmonious breast proportions.

With regard to breast augmentation, the preparation, surgical procedure and aftercare of patients are carried out within a framework that fully complies with European medical-technical standards. Every single step is carried out with care and attention to detail by the plastic surgeons in order to present you with the convincing result of your cosmetic surgery at the end of the treatment.

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Breast augmentation in Turkey – Surgical intervention

Your plastic surgeons will put you under general anesthesia for this procedure, whereby you can be treated both as an outpatient and as an inpatient. An anaesthesia team is available to provide the necessary information, support during the operation and aftercare.

The breast implant selected by you and your treating breast surgeon is placed above or below the chest muscle, depending on the findings, with the incision being made in natural wrinkles so that no conspicuous scars are visible after the operation.

Breast Augmentation turkey antalya

Natural-looking result

The optimal procedure of your surgeons leads to a natural looking result of your breast surgery. These results are very far from the obvious “silicone bosom”! You can enjoy your new body feeling in all features, and after a short acclimatization period you will consider the breast implant as a natural part of your body.

Aesthetic Travel will be glad to arrange an appointment with your Turkish breast augmentation specialist. Enjoy it: pure beauty and relaxation in the beautiful Turkish metropolises.

Breast Augmentation in Turkey Before & After Photos

Breast Augmentation in Turkey Before After
Breast Augmentation in Turkey Before After
Breast Augmentation in Turkey Before After
Breast Augmentation in Turkey Before After
Breast Augmentation in Antalya Before After

Breast Augmentation Turkey - FAQ

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic operation with implanting silicone or saline implants can be increased the breast size and shape. The ultimate purpose of the operation is to augment the breast size, a patient’s natural proportion and creating symmetrical breast profile. First comes the preferences and needs of the patient, the consultation with our doctor later can give you the best advice about the operation. In some cases this surgery is performed because of medical indications that also justify breast augmentation like congenital deformities, asymmetries or volume differences.

Nowadays breast implants have different types and designs, each implant consist of a silicone sheath filled with either silicone gel or saline. Silicone filled implants are used very often, because they are similar to female breast tissue, longevity and high resistance. Both variants offer the beast comfortable fit. In your consultation with our plastic surgeon you will get the best recommendation about the type of the silicone which will be suitable for you.

The latest generation of silicone implants has the considerable dimensional stability and durability, and they can stay in the body for a lifetime. An exchange of the implants can be needed in case of complications or pains occur. The possibility of having changed the implants it can be rare.

In our breast augmentation surgeries we are using only the best products with world –renowned and proven in breast implants from leading manufactures. Your safety comes first for us, all of our patients are special to us. Modern implants that are filled with highly cohesive silicone gel cannot leak. The outer shell of the implants is also very resistant and cannot be damaged in any case. Even after your breast augmentation, you can safely do sports, go on long air travel and enjoy an active life without fear of bursting implants.

Three operational scars will remain after the breast augmentation. In many of the operations the most of the doctors make a small incision in the area of ​​the lower breast crease. The natural shape of the female breast covers the interface and the scars can be rarely seen. The surgery can be performed by entering the armpit. By this surgical procedure the chest area can be left completely free of scars. The method which is performed by entering the nipples is less chosen, because it carries a high risk of health problem. The best operative way will be suggested to you while your consultation with your plastic surge in Antalya, Turkey.

In every medical operation there are some risks, but this can be minimized by using the latest technology and medications. Some side effects like hematoma discoloration or rebreeding. Capsular contracture is quite common side effect which also known as tissue hardening and can cause tension or pain, in some cases can dangerous and an operative corrective procedure may be necessary.

The ability to breastfeed is fully preserved even after a breast augmentation. Breast implants have no harmful effect on the breast milk. The health of the baby is therefore not endangered and breastfeeding can be performed.