Buttock Lift in Turkey

Buttock Lift in Turkey: Clearly accentuate the entire appearance of the buttock with an individual design. Missing volume can be used easily and optimize your buttocks contours.

Buttock Lift turkey

Buttock Lift in Turkey / Antalya – Prices & Procedure

Buttock Lift in Turkey: Let experienced specialists from Turkey treat you

The classic buttock lift is useful when excess skin remains on the buttocks due to previous weight loss and does not recede naturally. In addition, age-related changes in the skin and its lower tissues may also make tightening desirable. In addition to the surgical procedures, there are also non-invasive techniques that the plastic surgeon will introduce to you. Depending on the initial situation and your wishes regarding the bottom lifting, he will find an optimal procedure for you.

The professionalism of cosmetic surgeons is of decisive importance in connection with aesthetic plastic surgery. That is why Aesthetic Travel in Antalya only offers you contacts to specialists for buttock lifting in Turkey, who can offer you safety, comfort and optimal medical care. Feel free to contact us!

Buttock Lift in turkey

Buttock Lift in Turkey: professional advice and individual treatment at all times

Our cooperating plastic surgeons will inform you in advance about possible surgical measures, weigh up the feasibility of non-invasive methods, explain risks and complications and discuss with you the costs of the buttock lift. For this purpose, we provide additional information on our website. In addition, your medical history is documented and a physical examination is carried out. On the basis of this data, an individual treatment concept will be worked out for you.

Her butt – an absolute eye-catcher!

In front of your inner eye you can already look back on the beautiful, round and taut face of your buttock. You are welcome to do so, because soon you will have reached your destination thanks to the Turkish cosmetic surgeons.

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The classic buttock lift, performed by Turkish cosmetic surgeons

Our cooperating aesthetic plastic surgeons in Turkey have many years of experience in the field of buttock lifting and of course work according to the latest medical and technical standards. You will proceed with the utmost care and consideration, taking into account your personal ideas.

Classic buttock lift: procedure and technique

You will be placed under general anesthesia for this aesthetic plastic surgery. Similar to abdominoplasty, excess skin and tissue is removed. The incision runs above or below the buttocks in natural skin folds. In the course of the operation, the body’s own fatty tissue can be used in this area to model the shape of the buttocks or removed by liposuction. Due to the tightening of the skin and the underlying tissues, your surgeon can achieve a lasting aesthetic result of the procedure. In other words: you can enjoy your well-formed buttocks for a long time!

Buttock Lift turkey costs

Your crisp butt: finally back on the road with shorts or mini skirt

Enjoy the warm summer days and wrap your crisp butt in short shorts or mini skirts. Strolling on the beach is the order of the day! Simply combine a small surgical procedure with a relaxing holiday on the beautiful coasts of Turkey!

Aesthetic Travel in Antalya will be happy to help you contact your Turkish specialist for buttock lifting.

On our website we have worked out further topics for you, which could also be of interest to you. Read for example about thigh, upper arm or abdominal wall lifting as well as liposuction. Sometimes it is possible to combine aesthetic-plastic procedures in order to optimize the result of the operation and increase the beauty effect.

Together with Aesthetic Travel and the experts for cosmetic surgery in Turkey you will reach your goal: your natural looking harmonious appearance!

Buttock Lift turkey antalya

Buttock Lift in Turkey Before & After Photos

Buttock Lift Turkey Before After
Buttock Lift Turkey Before After
Buttock Lift in Turkey Before After
Buttock Lift Turkey Before After
Buttock Lift in Antalya Before After

Buttock Lif Turkey - FAQ

Buttock lift is cosmetic operation helps the sunken butt contour to be raised up, reshaped and receives an attractive much tighter look. In advanced age the skin can loss his elasticity, even radical weight loss can cause that kind of sagging skin in butt area and it can be seen in both of the genders. Thanks to the surgical methods this can be fixed by removing the excess skin and adipose tissue to tighten and model the butt.

By incisions at the top of the buttocks, in the hips, groin, or under the buttock cheeks the surgeon will remove the excess skin tissue and raise the form upper. In some cases liposuction can be performed to contour the buttock. Every operation is strongly individual and depends from the quality of the skin, shape of the body and fatness. After your consultation, you will be advised by our plastic surgeon about the best method for you.

After your operation you will be wearing bandages and compression garments and some drains in some places (about the drains you will learn how to take care of them and don’t feel any discomfort after). This will help your healing process go faster and swelling or bruising will be less. You also will be prescribed pain killers to avoid the discomfort. The recovery can last up to six weeks. The final result of the buttock lift can be assessed after three to six months.

Give yourself a rest period of two to three weeks, so that you can fully recover from the strain of the buttocks lift. While your recovery you should avoid sitting and jerky movement. Heavy physical work, strenuous activity should be avoided at least six to eight weeks.

A buttock lift operation is a low-risk procedure, nevertheless, a certain risk remains with every surgery. Post-op bleeding and wound healing disorders are used to seen complications in this operation. In some patients numbness occurs, this usually disappears after a few days or a week. In very rare cases, postoperative infections, intolerance reactions or thrombosis may occur.

The butt lift operations start from 2,800 euros. We are happy to discuss the exact costs and details of this plastic surgery, please do not hesitate to contact us, then you will receive a written offer for a fixed price. Aesthetic Travel guarantees full cost transparency as well as first-class medical care at fair conditions. We look forward to your inquiry!