Breast Lifting in Turkey

Breast Lifting in Turkey: Firm breasts are female attributes. Through the body’s own fabric and high-tech, women can regain beautiful breasts and, of course, a highly erotic cleavage.

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Breast Lifting in Turkey: With breast lift a beautiful bosom

Every woman wants beautiful, firm breasts – especially when the breasts don’t look the same after pregnancy. Usually, the breasts hang out with age and become flabbier. This is quite normal, because the skin loses its resilience and elasticity over time. This does not have to be the case! At Aestehtic Travel in Antalya, we offer you the cosmetic surgery of breast liftin Turkey.

With the help of our professional team of specialists in Turkey, you can enjoy a firm, well-formed bust after the operation. Simply contact us and we will inform you about all details such as costs, treatment procedure and stay in Turkey!

Reasons for a breast lift in Turkey

Well-formed breasts are an expression of beauty and femininity. The lifting of the female breast (mastopexy) is performed in Turkey as part of cosmetic surgery using aesthetic surgery. Especially pregnancy or a decrease in body weight can influence the elasticity of the bust. But not only optical-aesthetic aspects are focused by our Aestehtic Travel Team Antalya in the context of breast lift in Turkey, rather we consider the whole spectrum and thus your general physical health. Frequently, so-called “sagging breasts” lead to postural problems with back and neck pain.

With the help of the modern technique of breast lift, which we offer you in Turkey, the excess skin is reduced while the actual volume of the breast remains. Of course, parallel breast augmentation can also be targeted if the volume is too low. In addition to the goal of stabilizing your physical health, your desired appearance of the breast and your mental stress factors will also be eliminated.

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    What must be considered before a breast lift in Turkey?

    From a medical point of view, breast lift surgery is generally unproblematic – but the most important prerequisite is that the patient’s growth is complete. Ideally, pregnancy and lactation have already taken place. In general, there should be about 8 months between the end of breastfeeding and breast lift in Turkey.

    If you decide for a plastic surgery by our Aestehtic Travel Team Antalya, you will learn all important details in advance in a detailed consultation. On the one hand, the different surgical techniques and risks are presented and discussed here, and on the other hand, it can be explained here how the woman imagines her “new” breasts.

    How does the breast lift work in Turkey?

    The plastic surgery of the breast lift is performed in a hospital in Turkey, the operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 2 – 3.5 hours. About twenty different cutting techniques are used for the breast lift – which the surgeon uses depends individually on the patient and is based on several factors. Here both the wishes of the woman and physical condition (e.g. quality of skin and connective tissue, natural breast shape, position of the nipples and much more) are considered.

    The least scarring technique is, for example, periareolar lifting, in which the surgeon removes an annular strip of skin around the nipple and then neatly sutures the wound on the uppermost skin layer. Another technique (with the greatest tightening effect) is breast lift using a T-section. The incision is made around the areola, then from the lower edge perpendicular to the breast fold and further inwards and outwards so that a T is formed.

    The L-cut, on the other hand, only runs the same way up to the underbust fold, but then it is only continued outwards. In all surgical techniques in Turkey, excess skin is removed and the nipple is moved upwards. Subsequently, a drainage is laid so that blood and secretion can drain off optimally. After 10 days a first follow-up check is carried out, after 4 weeks another one. Shortly after the operation, only sports bras should be worn and sports activities should be avoided for at least 4-6 weeks.

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    Breast Lifting in Turkey - At a glance

    Duration of Procedure

    1 - 3 Hours

    Hospital Stay

    1 Day

    Recovery Time

    4 Days


    from 2,890 EUR

    Breast Lifting in Turkey - Frequently Asked Questions

    A breast lift, also known as Mastopexy is a surgical method for lifting and shaping the droopy breast and creating a new nipple contour. Women’s breasts unfortunately got changes by the time; many reasons are affecting this as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, aging, gravity, heredity, etc. By this lifting operation all these conditions can disappear and rejuvenate your figure which can give you back the uplifted and more youthful view

    Mastopexy and reduction mammoplasty are quiet similar to each other because in both of the operation the purposes are to reduce and lift the breast. The difference is in breast reduction the size can change while in breast lifting only the shape is changing. The large breasts can cause a physical discomfort like a back pain, neck strain or dysfunction and then can be considered getting a breast reduction surgery. The breast lifting is more appropriate for droopy breasts which need to be reshaped and lifted.

    In breast lift surgery the main purpose is to raise the breast by removing the sagging parts of the skin and centres the areola. The breast surrounding tissues gets tightened and reshaped as a result gets the attractive new breast contour. Even collapsed nipples are lifted and placed aesthetically pleasing. Breast lift can be combined with augmentation when there is not enough endogenous tissue to form a full breast.

    First, there is the I-cut (Lejour method), in which the scar runs around the nipples and vertically down to the breast fold. In the case of the L or T cutting technique, a horizontal skin incision is additionally placed in the breast fold. Finally, there is the Benelli method, in which a circular cut is made around the areola. Since every woman’s body is shaped differently, the attending physician must decide in each case which cut is suitable.

    Every surgery carries a certain risk, but it can be minimized by medical care and modern surgical methods, and you can trust in our private clinic which is filled with the highest technology in Antalya, Turkey. In some cases, minor bleeding, soreness and bruising after the general anaesthesia, burning sensation in the nipple (can be controlled with pain killers) can occur. Side effects are temporary and comparatively mild effects of the operation.

    The breast lift surgery is performed under a general anaesthesia and eventually the patient doesn’t feel any pain during the operation. The first few days after the procedure, some of the patients experience an unpleasant feeling of tightness, which is treated with analgesics as needed. And after the soft Post-op period woman can experience the comfort of the breast lifting.

    It depends from your work conditions, because you have limited abilities to work if your position is settled it wouldn’t be any problem. But for much effort and activities you will need up to 6 weeks to go back. The surgical scars are still slightly red in the first few months, and then they are increasingly pale and inconspicuous. After three to six months, the healing process has progressed to the point where you can see the final result of your breast lift.