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Gastric sleeve without scar (scarless) – Turkey in Antalya – Cost. There are different types of stomach reduction (bariatric surgery) that can be performed without scarring using the SILS method. The most common method of (obesity surgery) is sleeve gastrectomy scar free.

Scarless Surgery

Gastric sleeve without scar in Turkey, Antalya – Overview


A Sleeve Gastrectomy Scarless in Turkey

The Scarless Sleeve Gastrectomy – Single-incision scarless (SILS) gastric sleeve surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique that allows for weight loss and treatment of health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea.

In a scarless gastric sleeve, the stomach is reduced in size by removing a large portion of the stomach to create a tubular structure. Unlike traditional open or laparoscopic surgeries that involve making multiple small incisions, the procedure is performed with just one small incision in the belly button area. As a result, the scar is minimal or no longer visible and the patient’s recovery time is reduced. Scar-free sleeve gastrectomy is a safe and effective method of treating obesity and its complications.

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Gastric sleeve without a scar scarless scar free

What is Single-Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) ?

Scarless Gastric Sleeve Turkey – Single-Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) is a minimally invasive surgical technique that uses a single small opening in the navel to insert instruments and a camera into the abdominal cavity. Unlike traditional laparoscopy, which typically involves making three or four small incisions, with SILS everything is done through a single incision.

The SILS method offers the advantage of an improved cosmetic effect since only a single small incision is required. In addition, it can also lead to faster recovery and reduce the risk of complications because fewer incisions are made.

This technique for a weight loss surgery is used in Turkey today for a variety of laparoscopic procedures such as: B. Gallbladder removal, appendectomy, Sleeve Gastrectomy (weight loss surgery), kidney surgery and others.

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Gastric Sleeve Without Scar Turkey – Cost (All Inclusive Package)

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For whom is the sleeve gastrectomy without scar suitable?

Gastric sleeve without scar (scarless) in Türkiye, (scarless), is suitable for obese patients with a BMI of 30 to 40. This type of scarless stomach reduction is minimally invasive and leaves only a single, barely visible scar. Scar-free gastric sleeve surgery provides a precise view of the stomach, making it an effective option for patients with a BMI of 30 to 40. Since there is only one puncture, gastric sleeve is gentler without a scar. Due to the single puncture for the body, since only a small puncture point becomes, the risk of injury to surrounding organs is minimized. Overall, gastric sleeve surgery is a safe and effective method of bariatric surgery in Antalya, Turkey.

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Risks & Complications

As with any surgical treatment, there are certain risks and complications associated with Gastric Sleeve Without Scar (scarless).

Potential risks include bleeding, infection, injury to surrounding organs, and problems with anesthesia.

Complications can also arise related to the gastric reduction surgery itself, such as: B. Difficulty eating or digestive difficulties. In rare cases, stomach distension can also occur if people eat too much or don’t follow their doctor’s instructions.

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Sleeve Gastrectomy Scarless in Turkey Reviews

Martina Brady
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I went to Aesthetic travel for Gastric sleeve. I also need my gallbladder removed I was running to hospital in Northern Ireland 🇮🇪 for years with pain. I also had a hernia and the Surgeon was amazing he did Gastric sleeve and took my gallbladder out and repaired hernia. I'm feeling great. They were Amazing and the nurses and Ash and Yasim the interpreters were Amazing 👏 I would recommend Aesthetic travel to Anyone. Thanks Guys for Everything 💯😍🥰
Pierre Bosch
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I had gastric sleeve surgery at this clinic. I dont know what I expected but I did not expect the amazing hospital or amazing staff. Omer is heart of the operation as our guide and translator he did a phenomenal job. But he was is much more than that. He was honest and transparent the entire time and did check ups on me even when he did not need to. I would not consider any other place to do the surgeries they offer. I feel I got a good value for money
Dina Vace
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Hello to the doctors, nurses and all the staff at the hospital. My name is DV and I am from the UK. I am deaf and I communicate using sign language. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all and share my thoughts about my experience here at your hospital where I had Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery. From the moment I arrived at the airport you took care of me. I was met at the airport by a car who took me straight to the hospital.
Yayna Maduro
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First of all, I want to say that every staff including the driver were super nice and very understanding !!! I got the gastric sleeve surgery and so far it’s been great ! It’s life changing decision ! I would recommend this hospital but keep I mind that you have to the your research before hand, do what’s best for you and your health ! I give this a 100 of 10

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The Gastric Sleeve Without Scar in Turkey – FAQ

A gastric sleeve without a scar is the most popular bariatric obesity surgery (stomach reduction) in Turkey. The advantages lie in the relative ease of execution on the surgical side and the maintenance of normal gastrointestinal function in patients. We believe it is important to discuss the various questions our patients ask about scarless gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, Antalya.

A scarless gastric sleeve surgery, also called scar free sleeve gastrectomy or gastric sleeve without a scar, is a minimally invasive weight loss surgery. In contrast to conventional techniques, the operation is carried out without large incisions and is therefore free of scars.

The scar-free gastric sleeve surgery is suitable for people with a body mass index (BMI) of 35 to 40 or a BMI of 30 or higher in combination with concomitant diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure. However, it is important that each patient is evaluated individually by an experienced bariatric surgeon to determine suitability for the surgery.

As with any operation, there can also be risks and complications with a gastric sleeve operation without a scar, such as infections, bleeding or injuries to the surrounding organs. It is important to find out about the possible risks and complications beforehand and to be treated by an experienced surgeon.

After gastric sleeve surgery, the scars are free, it is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations and follow a special diet. Regular physical activity and follow-up appointments are also part of the accompanying measures.

The cost of a scarless gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is around 3,590 euros. The prices for a scar-free operation in Germany are around 12,000 euros.

No, thanks to the all-inclusive packages in Turkey, you don’t have to expect any extra costs. Because the gastric sleeve in Turkey is not only without a scar, but also free of extra costs.

The scarless gastric sleeve surgery is an effective method for weight reduction and can reduce up to 60-70% of the excess weight, depending on the individual initial situation and aftercare.

Both operations can be performed without a scar. The choice of procedure depends on various factors, such as the individual findings and personal preferences. It is important to rely on an experienced.

A Sleeve gastrectomy operation can help to reduce the risk of concomitant diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure, and thus extend life expectancy. However, it is important to note that the individual’s initial situation and aftercare also play a role.

The recovery time after a scarless gastric sleeve operation can vary depending on the individual initial situation and surgical procedure. Regeneration only takes 1 to 2 days. However, it usually takes about 2 weeks before the patient can return to normal activities.

After obesity surgery, patients should avoid certain foods, especially foods high in fat and sugar. Eating large portions or drinking alcoholic beverages should also be avoided. It is important to seek advice from an experienced nutritionist.

After gastric sleeve surgery, the patient may initially feel less hungry. However, over time, the feeling of hunger can return to normal. It is therefore important that you follow the rules of nutritional advice and the surgeon.

After a stomach reduction, the absorption of nutrients can be reduced. It is therefore important to have your blood values ​​checked regularly and, if necessary, to take vitamin and mineral supplements.

Yes, it is possible to regain weight after gastric sleeve surgery if you don’t follow a healthy diet and exercise. It is important to stick to the doctor’s and nutritionist’s recommendations for long-term success.

After a gastric sleeve operation without a scar, pain in the abdominal area can occur. However, these can be easily treated with painkillers. As a rule, the pain is less than with the traditional laparoscopic type of stomach reduction and is no longer noticeable in one or two areas.