PRP Wrinkle Treatment in Turkey

PRP Wrinkle Treatment in Turkey: Reach more beautiful, firm skin very simply. This type of wrinkle treatment is natural and also suitable for allergy sufferers. The first effects can be seen within a few days.

PRP Wrinkle Treatment prices : from £250

PRP Wrinkle in Turkey Antalya Prices Procedure

PRP Wrinkle in Turkey / Antalya – Prices & Procedure

PRP Wrinkle Treatment in Turkey for plastic surgeons in Turkey

The PRP wrinkle treatment is a modern skin tightening procedure for the face and neck, which is based on the body’s ability to regenerate tissue. The abbreviation PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. Besides the common methods of hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin skin tightening, PRP works by stimulating collagen growth through special growth factors contained in PR plasma. The special features of this procedure are the natural mechanisms that contribute to the regeneration of your skin and skin tightening. This type of wrinkle smoothing does not contain any substances that are foreign to the body and is therefore very gentle and compatible with the body.

Do you wish to have a skin tightening performed with the help of this very gentle method? Our team at Aesthetic Travel in Antalya can help you. We have already established contacts with Turkish cosmetic surgeons who are very experienced in the application of the PRP method. We would be happy to arrange an appointment with one of these specialists.

PRP Wrinkle Treatment in Turkey for plastic surgeons in Turkey

PRP wrinkle treatment: Detailed consultation and development of a personal treatment concept

Our cooperation partners take a lot of time for you to explain the procedure regarding PRP wrinkle treatment in detail. They are essentially based on the wishes you have expressed. Before the actual skin tightening with PRP, your medical history is documented and a physical examination is carried out. The Turkish cosmetic surgeons will discuss all aspects of the treatment and explain them in an educational discussion. The discussion includes explanations of the risks, alternatives and the resulting costs of PRP in Turkey.

Full details of the costs can be found separately on this website. Your aesthetic plastic surgeon will also work with you to determine the areas to be treated with PRP.

Natural and gentle skin tightening

The special feature of the PRP wrinkle treatment is the gentle and optimally biocompatible character of this skin tightening procedure. The platelet enriched plasma is obtained from your own blood.

PRP wrinkle treatment Detailed consultation and development of a personal treatment concept
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Turkish cosmetic surgeons’ approach to skin tightening with PRP

Of course, your Turkish cosmetic surgeons work according to the most modern medical and technical standards. The current hygiene regulations regarding cosmetic procedures are followed one hundred percent.

Skin tightening with PRP: procedure and technique

The PRP wrinkle treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis in the practice/clinic in Turkey selected by you. Blood is taken from you and processed to obtain blood plasma with a high concentration of platelets. The PRP is injected directly under the skin using a fine injection needle. The stimulated regeneration processes of your skin begin their work and improve your skin structure significantly. You can leave the practice/clinic shortly after the procedure. If desired, you can also have PRP performed repeatedly.

Turkish cosmetic surgeons approach to skin tightening with PRP

PRP method, also called “Dracula therapy”

The PRP wrinkle treatment for skin tightening on the face and neck is also jokingly called “Dracula therapy”, because you yourself provide the basic substance of the treatment: Your own blood. The advantage: As a rule, the body’s own substances do not cause any allergies or intolerances and are integrated into the natural body processes without any problems.

Aesthetic Travel will be happy to arrange an appointment with your Turkish specialist for skin tightening. Enjoy the beautiful holiday country Turkey after the intervention! Experience beauty and relaxation in one breath!

On our website we provide you with further interesting information on plastic surgery procedures. Perhaps you would like to know more about breast augmentation or tummy tuck? Take a little time and be curious about further procedures of cosmetic surgery.

PRP method also called Dracula therapy

PRP Wrinkle Treatment in Turkey – FAQ

The term PRP therapy refers to PRP plasma therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma). This is an innovation in biostimulation and aesthetic medicine for skin rejuvenation. Another colloquial term for PRP treatment is “Dracula lifting”.

Before plasma lifting begins, your facial area is anaesthetised with a special anaesthetic ointment for about thirty minutes. Within this time frame, blood is collected and processed by centrifuge – then the activated plasma is injected with microfine needles. The depth of the punctures is usually less than two millimeters, so that they are usually perceived as minimal “pricks”.

If you need a freshness boost for your skin because your complexion looks dull or tired, vampire lifting is just right. PRP plasma therapy is also very effective for pale skin and tired eyes. The self-blood treatment is also suitable for every skin colour, every skin type and every age. With PRP therapy, an absolutely natural result is always achieved.

No skin test or allergy test is required prior to PRP plasma therapy, as the procedure is carried out exclusively with the body’s own components. The costs for PRP therapy are individual and usually start at 300 euros.

Immediately after the autoblood treatment, swelling and redness appear on the face. This reaction is absolutely desirable and shows that the distribution of growth factors is successful. Facial redness is usually hardly visible after about sixty minutes. The swelling can still be easily visible the next day.

You will be fit for socializing after about two days. However, if you are planning an event, allow yourself at least five days to relax. First clearly visible results can be observed after about seven days. The final result of a PRP wrinkle treatment is usually visible after about four weeks.

Once your PRP wrinkle treatment appointment has been made, you should not take aspirin or other blood thinners for at least ten days to avoid bruising. If you have to take such medication, you should inform your doctor in advance. Before starting the treatment it is necessary to drink enough liquid and not to eat anything for two hours before.

After a PRP wrinkle treatment are painted for three days:

  • Sports activities
  • Acidic cosmetics and face masks
  • Hot baths (possibly showers)

You should refrain from facial peeling and sauna sessions for eight days.
Sunbathing and solarium visits are not allowed for a fortnight.

For example, if you suffer from an acute illness such as flu, a cold or sinusitis, it should only heal completely. After that, a minimum waiting period of two weeks is required before you should make an appointment for PRP autologous blood treatment. This therapy is not suitable for serious diseases or infectious diseases such as hepatitis B/C or HIV.

As with any medical treatment with injections, certain side effects can occur. These are swellings and redness that subside after one or two days. Possible minimal bruises, especially in the area of the eyes, usually disappear after a maximum of two weeks. Extremely rare side effects would be infections that can be treated with an antibiotic.