Neck Lift in Turkey

Neck Lift in Turkey: A youthful face is attractive, hands and neck are treacherous. Thin skin on the neck ages faster, but can be visually enhanced by a tightening.

Neck Lift Turkey Cost – from £2,290

Neck Lift Turkey

Neck Lift in Turkey / Antalya – Prices & Procedure


Esthetic neck lift by cosmetic surgeons in Turkey

The natural aging processes of our skin also become noticeable over time on the neck. As this is just as present as your face, except in winter with scarves or shawls, skin changes are quickly visible. This loses its elasticity and the associated tissue structures such as muscles, tendons and connective and adipose tissue also change due to age. Little aesthetic wrinkles develop, which some would like to be smoothed out by a specialist.

Our team from Aesthetic Travel in Antalya is in close contact with the most renowned plastic surgeons in Turkey, who have sound know-how and many years of expertise in the field of neck lifting. We are happy to help you to make contact for a first consultation. Just talk to us.

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Esthetic neck lift by cosmetic surgeons in Turkey

Neck Lift in Turkey: Comprehensive advice and individualized treatment concept

The Turkish cosmetic surgeons offer you comprehensive information about the neck / neck lift. Not only you personally get to know the team of the respective practice / clinic in Turkey, but in addition to the first physical examination and recording of your medical history, you also receive a detailed informational discussion with the responsible physicians. Among other things, you will be introduced to different neck lifting techniques and explained in more detail. Furthermore, you will be informed about possible risks of treatment, alternative methods as well as costs of neck lifting in Turkey. These are listed in detail in a separate place.

Individually to an aesthetical beautiful neck

After examining the physical conditions, various methods are available to free the neck from its wrinkled structure. Here, your esthetic-plastic surgeons first assess the conditions and select the appropriate and effective form of therapy. It is quite possible, for example, that a facelift can be performed together with a neck lift.

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Neck Lift in Turkey Comprehensive advice and individualized treatment concept
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Procedure of the Turkish cosmetic surgeons regarding the neck lift

The Turkish cosmetic surgeons carry out the neck lifts with high professional competence and experience in accordance with the current European standards of research and technology.

They are individually tailored to your case and create an aesthetically convincing result that will be preserved in the long term. Let us convince you: We work together with the most competent and reliable Turkish surgeons in your interest.

Neck Lift in Antalya / Turkey: procedure and technique

Neck lifts can usually be performed on an outpatient basis in conjunction with a local anesthetic or a drowsy sleep. Often the surgeons will use the neck lift to puncture excess fat and tighten the excess skin with appropriate techniques. A special suture technique below the chin or behind the ears allows an unremarkable scar formation in the invisible area. Simultaneously with the skin, the involved muscle tissue within the intervention can also be tightened. In addition, certain forms of cervical folds can also be treated by injection therapy.

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Procedure of the Turkish cosmetic surgeons regarding the neck lift

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There are some forms of therapy for the neck, but it is important to choose the right expert and perform effectively and sustainably. The slim and smooth neck lets you look younger and more vital.

Trust in our cooperating plastic surgeons in Turkey. They perform the necklift highly professionally and routinely. After the healing phase enjoy your aesthetically beautiful gooseneck!

Aesthetic Travel will gladly arrange a consultation with your Turkish neck lift specialist. Enjoy it: Beauty and relaxation in the beautiful cities of Turkey.

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Neck Lift in Turkey Before & After Photos

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Neck Lift Turkey - FAQ

By ageing unfortunately the skin loses his elasticity, and this causes the sags, wrinkles. Especially the facial and neck areas are always seen, Women and men who value a well-groomed appearance do not want to accept this aesthetic flaw. And here we can talk about neck lifting cosmetic surgery. With this operation, the sagging skin in the neck area is tightened, in some cases also can be performed reposition the sunken muscles of the neck to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. Fat accumulation in the chin area can also be reduced by liposuction. The cut is often done behind the ears or under the chin, of course it can show some changes in every patient.

In some cases, it might be useful to combine the neck lift with a facelift to achieve a lasting rejuvenation effect. Many patients also suffer from their pronounced double chin and it can be eliminated by liposuction if desired. Depends on your needs our specialized plastic surge team as Aesthetic travel Turkey will give you the best advices.

The first few days after neck lifting, the moves of the head may be limited and some swelling may occur, but it will recede rapidly. Patients are given a compression bandage that supports the wound healing process. Be sure to keep your neck region steady and avoid unnecessary efforts.

The recovery periods are highly individualized, but we can say that after three days of resting you can go back to work, if it’s a light office work. Hard physical work needs a time of a week or more. About four weeks later you can start to exercises.

In every surgical treatment there are some risks, but neck lifting is in the low risk operation lists. It is quite normal to experience slight bruising, swelling or numbness after a neck lift. Usually it takes a few days or week to disappear. In rare cases, after a neck lift, rebleeding, circulatory or wound healing disorders occur. Some patients also report a tightness in swallowing, which also subsides after a few days.

The price varies around £2,290. The exact price can be fixed after the consultation via contacting us. For this price you get the best service combined with pleasure. Medical tourism is the best choice in cases where you want to combine your needs with traveling. Aesthetic Travel will give you the best opportunities for health and pleasure in Antalya, Turkey.