Sex Reassignment Surgery From Woman to Man in Turkey

Sex Reassignment Surgery From Woman to Man in Turkey: No more persecution, no more discrimination, masculine-oriented women can finally make their wish to live as a man come true through gender-aligned operations.

Sex Transformation from Man to Woman Turkey Cost – from £6,890

Sex Transformation from Woman to Man Turkey

Sex Reassignment Surgery From Woman to Man in Turkey / Antalya – Prices & Procedure


Sex Reassignment Surgery From Woman to Man in Turkey

You have not felt comfortable with your body and your social role for a long time and have a strong desire to have a sex change to a man? In Turkey, specialists in urology, gynaecology, psychology and aesthetic-plastic surgery offer you all the necessary steps of this process in professional cooperation.

From the first consultation with a psychologist about hormonal changes, the surgical steps to remove the breasts, uterus and ovaries as well as the aesthetic-plastic shaping of your body to the man, they are at your side and lead you into a completely new stage of life. Our team at Aesthetic Travel in Antalya will be happy to help you find a suitable aesthetic plastic surgeon!

We are in close contact with Turkish cosmetic surgeons who have made a name for themselves in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery for sex reassignment from woman to man. Please contact us. We take care of the placement of a competent expert. The sex reassignment surgery from woman to man in Turkey is a process of change that takes place in individual steps that are very well coordinated.

Part of the whole are the aesthetic-plastic interventions in Turkey, which transform your feminine appearance into a masculine one. The personal consultation with your aesthetic plastic surgeon in Turkey offers you a good opportunity to get to know your surgeon, his team and his practice. In this phase your medical history is recorded, the interventions and their alternatives are explained as well as the risks, side effects and the resulting costs of the sex reassignment surgery from the woman to the man in Turkey are dealt with.

We will inform you about this in detail elsewhere on our website. After a physical examination and an assessment of the surgical steps already performed, the data are compiled, analysed and an individual treatment concept for the aesthetic-plastic procedures is drawn up.

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Sex Reassignment Surgery From Woman to Man in Turkey

Sex Reassignment Surgery From Woman to Man in Turkey: From woman to man – your wish comes true!

For a long time you had felt like a stranger in your own body. Sometimes you also encountered a lack of understanding of wanting to change your gender. As a sufferer, you often feel the pressure of suffering as very strong and you are looking for competent doctors who can turn your longing wish into reality. This is possible in several steps. A change from your femininity, which felt so wrong for you, to masculinity, which you consider to be right for you, is taking place in Turkey.

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Sex Reassignment Surgery From Woman to Man in Turkey From woman to man your wish comes true
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Sex reassignment surgery in Turkey: Details on aesthetic-plastic aspects

Our cooperating aesthetic plastic surgeons in Turkey have many years of experience in the field of sex reassignment surgery from woman to man and naturally perform the procedures according to the most modern medical and technical standards. You will do this with the utmost care and consideration and always have your personal wishes regarding the transformation of your body in mind.

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Sex reassignment surgery in Turkey Details on aesthetic plastic aspects

Sex change from woman to man: What is possible in the aesthetic-plastic field?

Your Turkish surgeon will first inform you about the possibilities of aesthetic plastic surgery to transfer your body already changed by hormones and the removal of breasts, ovaries and uterus into a male appearance. The first issue here is the facial profile, which can get a male physiognomy by a nose or chin correction, for example. It is also important to imitate a man’s natural hair growth in an effective way and to promote it permanently in those areas that a woman would almost frown upon (for example, beard growth). Especially in the pubic area, the penoid and testicular structure as well as the installation of an erection prosthesis allow important aspects of the transformation to be realized. Enjoy your new body feeling and show off a little with your new manhood! Let our Aesthetic Travel Team support you on your way to becoming a man!

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Sex change from woman to man What is possible in the aesthetic plastic field

Sex Reassignment Surgery From Woman to Man - FAQ

For a period of approximately 18 months, psychotherapeutic care must be available for you, supplemented by a daily test. To do this, you have to consistently carry out a counter-sex therapy with hormones for at least six months. Furthermore, two expert opinions are required, which are issued to you independently of each other for the diagnosis of transsexuality. In addition, you need an indication that the operation is medically necessary and that you are being treated by a doctor who is experienced in transsexual treatments. Finally, you must be able to submit a declaration of coverage to your health insurance company. Alternatively, self-payment is of course also possible.

Costs can range from 4,000 to over 6,000 euros. If, after a reasonable period of time, the two relevant expert opinions are available, your transsexuality will normally be recognised by the substitute health insurance funds as an ‘illness’. In this case, the costs shall be borne in full or in part. The total cost always depends on the extent of the operations. However, a female-to-man operation can also be performed abroad. The costs are often about half here, with the same performance.

According to the local transsexual law and specialist medical guidelines, people from the age of 18 can focus on a sex-adjunctive operation. However, the hormone therapy previously required is recommended from the age of 14. However, this requires a reliable diagnosis as well as the two expert opinions already mentioned and previous therapy steps.

  • The uterus and ovaries are removed and/or the vagina is closed and/or a clitoralenoid with subsequent urethral reconstruction (standing urination is possible later) is created.
  • Penoid build-up/phalloplasty (replacement penis) is performed through a skin flap from the inner forearm (radialis flap). This is done according to the anatomical possibilities or your individual wishes.
  • The glans are formed and one or two testicular prostheses are implanted, possibly a scrotum reconstruction is performed.
  • A penis prosthesis is used to stiffen the penoid.

Yes. The nerves in the graft are directly connected to the local nerves. On the one hand, this creates a sensitive surface structure on the penoid and, on the other hand, sexual-physical excitability of the penoid can be achieved.

Yes, since the clitoris is a highly important erogenous zone, it is completely preserved. If desired, it can either be integrated internally (in the penoid base) or externally accessible (penoid base).

You should definitely take your time here. Physicians recommend that the individual procedures should be several months apart to allow the tissue sufficient time to heal.

In addition to the general surgical complications, there are also special risks in gender-adjusted surgeries:

  • Complications such as urethral skin fistulas, urethral sacculation or urethral narrowing of the newly designed urethra can frequently occur. Sometimes another operation has to remedy the situation.
  • Problems caused by the implants such as infections, slippage, chronic pain or mechanical complications. In some cases, the implant has to be replaced or removed by surgery and reimplanted later.