Brazilian Butt Lift “BBL” in Turkey

Brazilian Butt Lift “BBL” in Turkey: After a Brazilian Butt Lift you walk easily and loosely along the Turkish coasts: Enjoy your new lifestyle to the fullest!

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Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey / Antalya – Prices & Procedure

Brazilian Butt Lift “BBL” in Turkey – Fat injection and implant treatments

Brazilian Butt Lift “BBL” in Turkey – an exotic-sounding term from aesthetic-plastic cosmetic surgery, which refers to the injection of the patient’s own fat and implant treatment, thus increasing the volume of the buttocks. It is not surprising that men and women with a small and flat buttocks in particular want a Brazilian Butt Lift to aesthetically shape the inconspicuous contours of their buttocks.

Our team at Aesthetic Travel in Antalya has established contacts with beauty specialists who carry out the Brazilian Butt Lift professionally and with a lot of routine. These aesthetic plastic surgeons can look back on many years of experience in the field of autologous fat injection and implant treatment, work in accordance with the latest medical and technical standards and take into account your personal wishes and ideas regarding a beautifully and voluminously shaped buttocks.

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Brazilian Butt Lift “BBL” in Turkey: We start with an individual consultation and your personal treatment concept.

Successful cosmetic surgery treatment needs to be well prepared. During a personal meeting with your plastic and aesthetic surgeon, he will explain his procedure regarding the Brazilian Butt Lift “BBL” in Turkey in more detail. A very welcome opportunity to get to know your surgeon, his team and the practice/clinic. In addition to the consultation and clarification discussion, which is also accompanied by the anaesthesia team if required, the recording of your medical history as well as some preliminary examinations are in the foreground of the events. Possible risks, complications, suitable treatment alternatives and the costs involved are also discussed here. We will inform you about the latter on our website in a separate place.

Your plastic surgeon will also make sure that the Brazilian Butt Lift is the right method to give your buttocks a new harmonious contour.

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How do Turkish plastic surgeons perform the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Our co-operating aesthetic plastic surgeons in Turkey carry out the procedures for autologous fat injection and implant treatment of the buttocks with routine and special care. It goes without saying that the European hygiene standards are fully complied with in the course of the operations.

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Brazilian Butt Lift “BBL” in Turkey: Procedure and technique

For this procedure you will be placed under general anesthesia, whereby the aesthetic plastic surgeon works together with a team of anesthesiologists. The surgeon uses an incision technique that leads to an inconspicuous suture in a bottom fold. The implant selected especially for you, which can be adjusted excellently in size and shape, is inserted under or into the gluteal muscle. After completion of the operation, the wound is closed with a multi-layered suture and a wound drainage is placed. Turkish plastic surgeons recommend that you stay stationary for one night. Furthermore, your plastic surgeon will inform you in detail about the correct behaviour after the operation as well as possible side effects. After a healing phase of six to eight weeks you can enjoy the sight of your beautiful butt to the fullest.

Under certain conditions, which are tested beforehand, the buttocks enlargement can be combined with implants with an autologous fat injection. This is done in two steps. On the one hand, liposuction (also called liposuction) is performed using the tumescent technique, in which local anesthetics and vasoconstricting substances are injected into the predetermined parts of tissue in a saline solution. After some time, the fat cells are removed and the actual liposuction is performed carefully.

The body’s own fat is processed and distributed in a second step over the large gluteal muscle at the previously determined points in several layers. Ask your Turkish plastic surgeon! He will check which variants are meaningful and promising to implement for you.

Our team at Aesthetic Travel in Antalya will be glad to arrange an appointment with your Turkish specialist for the Brazilian Butt Lift.

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Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey Before & After Photos

Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey Before After
Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey Before After
Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey Before After
Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey Before After
Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey Before After
Brazilian Butt Lift in Antalya Before After

Brazilian Butt Lift "BBL" in Turkey - FAQ

Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic surgery for shaping by enlarging the butt. This can be achieved by two methods. The one is by liposuction the fats from different parts of the body, and later placing in it the butt. And the other method is by using silicone implants, the two techniques can be combined if needed.

The most important issue here is your overall health; you must to be in very good health conditions before to think about any cosmetic surgery. When you are suffering from some neurological disorders, heart or lung problems, you might be not a suitable candidate for BBL. This can be found after your consultation with the specialized plastic surge. The best ones for this treatment are people with approximately perfect weight, with enough fat for liposuction especially in some areas like abdomen, love handles, back and tights. If there is not enough fat, it can be supported with implants to achieve the best result.

In a Brazilian butt lift procedure the result will be noticed immediately after the operation. As the swelling gradually subsides with pasting the weeks and months, the final shape of BBL will be seen in 3-4 months. And you can enjoy your curvy buttom.

The first 2-4 weeks are very important and you will be given compression garments that will support the connective tissue and stimulate the healing process. Our doctor will give you special care advices how to avoid the pressure on your buttocks in the healing period.

Light office work is possible after just three to five days. Hard physical work is allowed after two weeks at least. Exercising sport is allowed after you complete the 6th week.

This can depend of your life style if you are keeping the healthy body weight stable, taking care of your body the results can last longer up to 20 years. Natural aging is something normal and can change your shape in time of course.

Every surgical procedure contains some risks, and the Brazilian butt lift is one of the cosmetic operations with the lowest risks. After the first step- liposuction, bruising and swelling often occur, which are temporarily and disappears in 2 weeks. Bleeding, infections or wound healing disorders are further surgical risks which can appear in the Post-op. If implants are used, it can rarely lead to capsular contracture (hardening of the implants). However, if capsular fibrosis is detected at an early stage, it is easily treatable.

We as Aesthetic Travel offer the best quality of the operation for the lowest prices.  Brazilian butt lift is performed in our private clinic with the highest technologies and the cost starts from 2.990 Euros. You can contact us in any time for all the details and we will give you a fixed price which includes everything about your staying with us in Antalya.