Penis Enlargement in Turkey

Penis Enlargement in Turkey: Mental and physical problems are the result of the fleshy competition of today’s society. Intimate surgeons help to aesthetically optimize unsightly intimate areas of men.

Penis Enlargement Turkeyt Cost – from £2,790

Penis Enlargement Turkey

Penis Enlargement in Turkey / Antalya – Prices & Procedure


Intimate Surgery for Men in Turkey: Professional and sensitive procedure by plastic surgeons in Turkey

The male genital area has always been a big taboo topic that (men) don’t like to talk about. But what if you are not satisfied with your intimate area and would like to change something? You are certainly wondering who you can contact in this regard and who can help you professionally and with a proper portion of discretion. Aesthetic Travel in Antalya is in close contact with Turkish specialists for interventions in the intimate area of the man. These cosmetic surgeons can look back on many years of experience in this field, work according to the latest medical and technical standards and take your personal wishes regarding the aesthetic-plastic corrections of your genital area into account.

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Intimate Surgery for Men in Turkey Professional and sensitive procedure by plastic surgeons in Turkey

Penis enlargement in Turkey: individual consultation and treatment concept

In the course of a comprehensive and discreet conversation with an aesthetic plastic surgeon in Turkey, we first clarify what type of procedure should be performed in your genital area. Here penis enlargement in Turkey, thickening or penis head thickening are addressed and the suitable method is selected for you. In addition, your medical history will be recorded, a physical examination will be carried out and a consultation will be held with you together with the anesthesia team. These include details on the risks of the procedure, the identification of alternative methods and the costs that will be incurred for intimate surgery in Turkey. The latter are clearly listed in a dedicated section of our website. Depending on the data obtained and the respective surgical technique, an individual treatment concept is created, which serves as a central theme for the further procedure of the Turkish cosmetic surgeons.

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Optimally designed aesthetically and functionally

Penis enlargement in Turkey, thickening and penis head thickening serve the aesthetic and functional improvement of your genital area. The Turkish specialists proceed with high precision and sensitivity in order to achieve an optimal result according to your ideas.

Penis enlargement in Turkey individual consultation and treatment concept
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Changes in the genital area: How do Turkish cosmetic surgeons proceed with these procedures?

Our co-operating aesthetic plastic surgeons in Turkey perform the procedures in the genital area professionally, routinely and particularly gently. It goes without saying that the European hygiene standards for surgical procedures are fully complied with.

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Interventions in the male genital area: procedure and technique

Penis enlargement in Turkey: During this procedure under general anaesthesia, the front inner retaining ligaments of the penis are corrected. All adjacent tissues are protected and the necessary incision is placed inconspicuously in the pubic hair area. This procedure increases the outer part of your penis and thus achieves lengthening. The existing penis and scrotum skin is sufficient to cover the penis enlargement. Penis thickening: This is performed with the body’s own fatty tissue, which is removed from the thigh area, prepared, cleaned and evenly inserted under the penis skin. In the meantime, you are under general anesthesia. This fat tissue transplantation requires some sensitivity on the part of the surgeon in order to achieve a lasting satisfactory result. Thickening of the penis head: For this procedure a special hyaluronic acid preparation is injected under the skin surface under local anesthesia.

Penis enlargement in Turkey: Gentle and careful procedure

The Turkish specialists are particularly gentle and careful with all three techniques. The penis root, the area where the urethra, vessels and nerves enter the penis, is in no way affected. The full functionality and sensitivity of your penis are retained. Aesthetic Travel in Antalya will be glad to arrange an appointment with your Turkish specialist for aesthetic plastic corrections in the genital area. You are also welcome to inform yourself about other topics on our website. Are you also interested in gynaecomastia, for example?

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Changes in the genital area How do Turkish cosmetic surgeons proceed with these procedures

Penis Enlargement Turkey - FAQ

In most cases, genital surgery involves penis enlargement. Two treatments are mainly used, often in combination. Penis enlargement in Turkey increases the length of your penis. Penis thickening gives your penis a larger circumference. In intimate surgery, the penis is thickened with your own fat, which is injected into your penis. An alternative to this is hyaluronic acid (padding filler), which is otherwise used especially for smoothing wrinkles.

The lengthening of your penis is done by an incision in the anterior ligament of the penis so that the shaft of the penis is separated from the pubic bone. The penis shaft is optically extended by the weight of the erectile tissue. The weight of the thickened limb further enhances this effect. Important information about penis enlargement:

  • The operation takes about 60 to 90 minutes.
  • The procedure and the anesthesia are usually performed on an outpatient basis with local or general anesthesia.
  • The costs can start at around 2,000 euros and upwards.
  • You can expect downtime of about a week.
  • As aftercare they receive a protective bandage.
  • You can resume sports activities after about four to six weeks.

Other medical interventions in intimate surgery for men include the correction of penile curvature and phimosis (narrowing of the foreskin).

The prices for intimate surgery for men depend on the cost of the respective treatment. If you wish a penis thickening, the amount can be almost 2,100 euros. With an additional penis enlargement, the total cost can reach almost 3,500 euros. Since this is an aesthetic surgery, you will have to pay for it yourself. Only when it comes to the correction of a micropenis (erect for a maximum of eight centimetres) some health insurance companies cover the costs of treatment.

A correction of the genital area in men can be considered if they suffer psychologically from the size of their sexual organ. In particular, the so-called micropenis can represent an enormous negative load and therefore indicate a correction. Since operations in intimate surgery also involve risks for men, penis enlargement should only be carried out if there is a clear indication.

With the help of an intimate correction men experience more satisfaction with their body again. The joy of active sexuality is also reawakened. The psyche of men as well as their self-confidence and well-being are strengthened anew. Uncertainty and possible sexual dysfunctions can be eliminated.

In contrast to women, men usually take more risks in intimate surgeries. In addition, penis enlargement may not be successful. Penis lengthening may also not occur despite separation of the retaining strap. When thickening the penis with the help of autologous fat, the fat cells can sometimes not grow in completely, so that a larger extent is not reached.

A checklist that can help you find a specialized clinic:

  • Is innovative medical equipment used?
  • Do the surgeons specialize in corrective surgery for men?
  • Are hygiene standards observed?
  • Can you reach the clinic easily?
  • Are there enough reviews and reviews online?