Artificial insemination: Why a fertility clinic abroad?

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Artificial insemination in Turkey – costs, effort and possibilities

Although the desire to have children is deeply rooted in many couples, biological problems often make this impossible. On the other hand, medicine is so advanced today that there are good hopes for a successful pregnancy. And this even if it is generally impossible to achieve pregnancy naturally. The problem: The costs are immensely high and the health insurance companies cover only part of the costs, if at all. Many people come back from exactly this point to the numerous offers from abroad. Artificial insemination in Turkey is a good alternative.

Why is the choice of a fertility clinic in Turkey a good choice?

Travel abroad for medical interventions is no longer a big news. More and more patients decide to have the necessary interventions, treatments or operations performed in specialized clinics. Turkey is the first and best destination for many patients. Among other things, you will also benefit from the high standards in Turkish clinics that clearly prevail during a planned pregnancy. Among other things, the most modern equipment is available here, and the entire staff can also demonstrate extensive qualities and experience on site. In the really good clinics you will be looked after directly by competent doctors and experienced nursing staff, so that you feel in good hands here.

High standards at low costs

One of the reasons why many want-to-become-parents consciously decided to have artificial insemination abroad is the financial circumstances. This is because artificial insemination in a German specialty clinic can quickly cause costs in the high four-figure range. The assumption of the costs by the statutory health insurance is not even guaranteed here. This tends to be possible only with a married couple, although half of the costs have to be covered by the couple themselves. In Turkey, of course, artificial insemination is not a gift either, but the costs are still significantly lower depending on the application and the offer chosen. The savings potential here is then relatively high.

In addition, many parents are not aware of the fact that in very special circumstances it is also possible to cover the costs abroad to the same extent as in Germany. If it is an application or an operation which is also accepted and regarded by the health insurance companies in Germany, a corresponding application can also be made in Turkey.

The right advice makes the difference

Neutral advice plays an important role in the search for a suitable and good clinic for artificial insemination. Before making a decision, you should compare various offers and obtain practical information and opinions. Both locally, i.e. directly in Turkey, as well as in Germany, you will find independent advice centres and centres for professional advice in which you will be informed about potential possibilities, realistic opportunities and, of course, possible risks. Based on this information and facts you then make a decision for or against an artificial insemination clinic in Turkey.