Back from holiday with a new nose

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It defines the overall visual impression: the nose is one of the most present parts of the body, as it sits in the center of the face. Often, however, our nose causes problems because we find it too broad, coarse or long. A nose operation is a remedy and can be perfectly combined with a holiday. Body and soul recover from everyday stress and at the same time, the permanent concern for one’s own nose is finally eliminated.

People suffer from the shape of their nose

A nose that is too prominent often reduces self-esteem and leads to an increased stress level in various situations. If the nose is too broad or too coarse or simply does not fit as desired, there is also an increased feeling of shame. Affected people feel uncomfortable in their own skin and develop mental suffering. You feel observed and often avoid the presence of other people. This can put a strain on social and professional life. From a medical point of view, too, the nose can affect life, especially when natural breathing is difficult. A nose correction is often the only way out for an easier everyday life and more self-confidence.

Combining holidays and surgery

A holiday is a perfect way to make a change and to take a step forward into a better life. After a nose operation, many patients feel a load falling from their shoulders. A holiday in Turkey is the ideal opportunity to have your nose corrected and to regenerate afterward. Whether by the sea, in the city or in seclusion in the countryside. A relaxing holiday is the ideal supporting programme for such an operation. The overall costs are also much lower than in Germany.

What you should bear in mind after a operation

Very important: Recreation is key. Physical effort and too much stress should be avoided in order to achieve an optimal result. For a rapid recovery, it is important that medical recommendations by the consultant physician are being adhered to. A follow-up examination is also part of the compulsory programme.

After the vacation patients can return home with a new nose and start into a new stage of life with it. A nose correction helps to finally combat mental suffering in particular and to restore self-esteem. Health problems are also a thing of the past.