Bodylift after Bariatric Surgery

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Body lift after weight loss due to bariatric surgery

Bodylift after Bariatric Surgery: No matter how the stomach has been scaled down, patients can eat much less and lose weight much faster than dieting and exercise alone but the surplus skin lobes often stay behind afterwards.

These will no longer disappear on their own under intense sports and affect the patients at least as much as the previous overweight. Above all, this is a major aesthetic problem, but it also poses risks to the skin when these skin flaps rub against each other, which can often lead to inflammation and open spots, which is very uncomfortable. Therefore, it is advisable to remove this excess skin. Most often it hits the stomach and upper arms.

At “Aesthetic Travel”, affected patients can find professional help quickly and cheaply. The price includes flights, accommodation and all transfers. First, there is a comprehensive free consultation by experienced doctors and an individual treatment plan is created for each patient. Only when you decide on the operation will Aesthetic Travel organize your trip and operation in a private clinic in Antalya that meets all European standards.

For a full-body contouring, Aesthetic Travel will provide you with suitable physicians who are successful in this field, with a lot of experience and a great deal of empathy. They will record your medical history and educate you about your chances and risks of surgery.

Afterwards, you may decide whether you want to undergo surgery in order to finally wear carefree sleeveless or crop tops or to sunbathe in a bikini. When you finally get rid of your problem areas on the thighs, you can wear shorts or short skirts again.

For a total aesthetic impression after a stomach reduction with heavy weight loss, a full-body toning is definitely worth it for you.

Depending on the body area in which the tightening is to take place, the surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or, for example, local anesthesia on the abdomen with. After a few months the scars have healed and you can look forward to your new figure.

As a man, you can go back to the swimming pool without worrying about everything, and women will also gain a completely new sense of self. Regardless of whether the tightening takes place on the neck, on the arms or legs and on the abdomen, it will then help you regain a new sense of life.

Cheap full flight, hotel, transfer, treatment and after-care packages in Antalya will help you feel well cared for during this time.

Friendly staff and excellent cosmetic surgeons in Antalya provide a pleasant atmosphere during your full-body toning and for optimal results. Just contact us and let our doctors show you how to achieve more physical satisfaction with a full-body toning.