Breast augmentation in Turkey – Is it worth it?

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The breast is the part of the body that stands for femininity and is perceived by many men and women as particularly sensual. It is important for your own well-being to like yourself and your body. Sometimes a breast augmentation is necessary to make this feeling possible for the woman concerned. For this reason, breast augmentation is becoming increasingly popular in Turkey and Germany.

Why travel abroad for a breast augmentation?

Many women suffer from their small breasts. They do not feel feminine, so they avoid looking in the mirror and are sometimes ashamed not only of strangers, but even of their own partners. The solution to this problem seems theoretically simple: Breast augmentation is nowadays neither frowned upon socially nor seen as a particularly complicated operation.

The factor that makes the dream of perfect breasts fail: the horrendous costs. In Germany, a breast augmentation costs between 5,000 and 10,000 euros. Very few people can afford these costs without either saving for a long time or taking a loan. In Turkey, breast augmentation costs are significantly lower and the operation is no less promising at all.

Turkish doctors are highly qualified

Surgeons in Turkey meet the high European standards. The staff, such as the anaesthetist or the assistants, are also very well qualified. The technical conditions are also in no way inferior to those in Germany.

In addition to a high-quality facility and trained staff, patients from Germany also expect exceptional service and good care in Turkey.

How complicated is the journey?

The flight to Turkey takes just 3 to a maximum of 4 hours. From the plane you can then take the transfer service to the clinic. The transfer does not cost anything extra, as these services are all included in the complete package. Patients are comfortably picked up at the airport and brought to the clinic. Also the flights – depending on the season – do not cost much. Here, however, it is important to book early and to pay attention to particularly favourable ticket prices.

What is the total cost of breast augmentation in Turkey?

The best prices for breast augmentation in Turkey are around 2,400 to 2,800 euros. Total costs for the operation and on-site care only rarely exceed the price of 3,500 euros and are by no means the rule.

The travel costs must be added. Here you have to add about 250 Euro per person for the flight.