Breast augmentation with own body fat?

Breast augmentation with own body fat
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Use the body’s own reservoirs for breast augmentation

Many women are not satisfied with the size of their breasts. Most women shy away from breast augmentation because the idea of a foreign body, i.e. an implant, is frightening. Meanwhile, however, there is the possibility of breast augmentation with own body fat. The breast is not padded with an implant, but with the body’s own fat, which is removed from places where women do not like it anyway. In the last years, the breast augmentation with own fat was developed further and further so that today the entire process from the fat preparation to the injection technique is highly modern and safe.

For which women is a breast augmentation with own body fat suitable?

First of all, the basic requirement is that sufficient fat for suction is available in other parts of the body. In addition, the affected lady who does not want implants should wish for a moderate enlargement. Then breast augmentation with own body fat is a successful alternative. As a general rule, even slim patients also have their own fat reservoirs that can be used. Only for extremely lean women, a breast augmentation with own body fat is not feasible. One advantage of the procedure becomes clear very quickly: fat pads are removed elsewhere and used in breast augmentation. This also removes problem areas that disturb most women.

How is the breast augmentation with autologous fat performed?

As a rule, the entire process of breast augmentation with autologous fat takes only about two hours. Under general anesthesia, the body’s own fat is first taken from a suitable site, usually on the abdomen, buttocks, and hips, using a cannula. The fat is then prepared in several steps before it gets injected directly in front of the mammary gland under the skin of the breasts. However, the body’s own fat partially decomposes again over time, so that a higher volume has to be injected. Of course, after breast augmentation with your own body fat, a certain amount of aftercare is necessary. Both the areas of the body where the fat was removed and the injection of the breast must be taken into account for some extra care. Unpleasant side effects such as swelling and redness after the usual implant enlargements are extremely rare after a breast augmentation with autologous fat.