Breast augmentation without silicone

Breast augmentation
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A beautiful bust is the dream of most women, but unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to be blessed with an optically perfect bust. Hanging, asymmetrical or too small breasts often occur, so it is not really surprising that every year thousands of women choose breast augmentation. Although an operation in which implants are inserted into the breasts is a “simple” and “quick” method, it usually costs a lot of money and also carries some risks. In this article, we show you which possibilities there are so that you can enlarge your breast completely without silicone.

Breast augmentation without surgery: Natural possibilities

Female breasts consist of connective, glandular and adipose tissue and therefore breast augmentation can be achieved in a favourable way without surgery using some natural methods – with the right diet and the following tips:

1. Massages
By massaging the breast, ideally in combination with a natural oil, the blood circulation is stimulated and the tissue is tightened in a completely natural way. Massage your breasts about twice a day with 200 to 300 circular movements. You will see the first results after about two months.

2. Sports
Sport is also an excellent way to achieve natural breast growth. Exercises that involve the upper body in particular, such as push-ups or swimming, are particularly suitable for this purpose.

3. Breast enlarging agents
Powder, gel or tablets – there are numerous products on the market which are supposed to have a breast enlarging effect. Often such products contain Pueraria mirifica, a Thai tuber plant that can balance the female hormone level.

4. Posture
Stomach in, chest out – not only your back will be happy about the correct posture when sitting, standing and walking, because this will also make your breasts look much firmer.

5. Nutrition
The right diet also has a great influence on the growth of the female bust. Just as a beer can be used as a hair treatment or as avocados are healthy for the eyes, fenugreek seeds help breast growth. Alternatively, fennel seeds can also be used.

Without silicone with own body fat

Not entirely without medical intervention but without general anesthesia and without visible scars, breast augmentation can also be achieved by injection of the patient’s own fat. No artificial fillers are used for this kind of natural breast augmentation.

This procedure of breast enlargement is carried out in two steps. First of all, the doctor removes fat cells with the aid of so-called water jet assisted liposuction from a region of the body where sufficient fat cells are present. This could be e.g. at the buttocks, the stomach or the legs. The fat cells obtained are then cleaned, reprocessed in a special process and finally injected into the anesthetised breasts with thin cannulae. The type of breast augmentation virtually eliminates allergic reactions, as it is a natural filler – your own untreated body fat.

The result of breast augmentation without implants is impressive and very natural. Many patients therefore choose this type of breast augmentation without silicone.