Breast correction in Turkey

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Specialized surgeons give you a new quality of life.

For women beautifully shaped and firm breasts play an important role in society. Aesthetic breasts are also an expression of youthfulness and feminine radiance. However, significant weight loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding as well as increasing age, can cause breasts to lose their shape, resilience and elasticity as well as fullness. With the help of a breast correction in Turkey, this unattractive appearance can be brought back into balance at favourable conditions and with an all-round carefree package.

Breast surgery in Turkey by specialized plastic surgeons

Surgical breast correction or breast lift (mastopexy), breast reduction (breast rescission) or breast enlargement (breast augmentation) can stabilize the firmness and shape of your breast so that you have a youthful appearance again. A good body feeling significantly improves your quality of life.

Surgical methods for breast lift

As part of a breast correction or breast lift, the surgeon removes excess skin and then reshapes your breast as agreed with you in the preliminary consultation. At the same time, your nipples will be moved back to the previous position or raised slightly. The same scar-free surgical techniques are used to tighten the breast and to reduce the overall size of the breast.

Furthermore, significant inequalities of both breasts (breast asymmetries) can be compensated by breast surgery. Lost volume can be restored at your request using carefully selected silicone implants and other methods.

Turkish surgeons can use a variety of techniques and incisions to achieve a perfect result in breast lifting. This makes it possible to operate on the most varied degrees of flaccidity individually. Moreover, these breast operations are not tied to any age. However, the patients should definitely be physically full-grown for this.

Breast surgery procedure

The specialized, experienced Turkish surgeons prefer, in accordance with the anatomy of the patients, a minimal incision inside the breast fold, at the areola or in the armpit. In this way, the specialist can place the silicone implant precisely into the breast. Depending on the glandular tissue and skin condition of your breast, it is decided whether the implant for breast augmentation is inserted either above or below the chest muscle so that ultimately a highly aesthetic appearance is achieved.

After the breast operation, you will receive a tight tape bandage. This remains fixed on your chest for a minimum of 24 hours. You will be hospitalized in the clinic for one night. The dressing is checked by the specialist the day after the breast surgery. If no complications have occurred, you will receive a special support bra. After consultation with the treating surgeon, you can start your journey back home or extend your stay in Turkey by combining the breast correction with a relaxing holiday.

Like other breast operations, the breast is enlarged under general anesthesia. Silicon-filled implants are used in Turkey exclusively from tested, world-renowned and leading manufacturers.

Aftercare of breast surgery

After a breast reduction, breast lift or breast augmentation, patients are recommended to leave all strenuous private and professional duties for a minimum of 4 weeks. A special bra is also required. Slight bruising and swelling are normal after a breast surgery and disappear again after a little while. Some skin areas show a short-term redness that slowly fades away again. A suitable cream can support wound healing in this area.