Breastfeeding after a breast reduction

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Breastfeeding despite breast reduction – is that possible?

At the latest when children and pregnancy is a topic than breastfeeding is important for many expectant mothers. After all, it is not just about important nutrients in breast milk, but also about a particularly intensive mother-child relationship. But is breastfeeding after breast reduction even possible?

The reduction of the breast – the expiration

To answer the question of breastfeeding, you must first be aware of the progress of a breast reduction. There are many different methods that depend on the size and texture of the breast. During surgery, a section is taken vertically along the areola, sometimes in addition to the transverse fold. It removes glandular and fatty tissue to reduce volume.

For particularly large or high-hanging breasts, it may be necessary to separate the areola, to adjust to the new size and finally start again. This macabre-sounding method ensures that the areola and nipple do not look inappropriate after surgery, but fit the rest of the breast and their new size. However, the removal of the nipples from the glands is necessary for this, which can lead to problems in an improperly performed surgery or complications in breastfeeding.

What can breastfeeding affect?

By separating the nipple from the glandular tissue, it may occasionally happen after that breastfeeding is no longer possible. In addition, breast reduction is an operative procedure that can also lead to sensory disturbances on the breast, nipple and areola. Breastfeeding may be physically possible, but it can make the woman very uncomfortable. Likewise, the mental state is not insignificant.

Properly interpret the signs during pregnancy

In advanced pregnancy, the female body begins to produce breast milk. This leads, especially in the last weeks before the birth, again and again to the exit of the nipple. The milk injection has thus begun and, from a purely physical point of view, nothing speaks against breastfeeding. For if foremilk comes out of the nipple, the breast completely fulfils its natural task.

In case of ambiguity, pain, sensory disorders or abnormalities, talk to your gynaecologist or midwife about it. If you feel unwell, you are worried about difficulties or complications; there is the option of stopping milk production with the help of tablets.

Breastfeeding after breast reduction – yes or no?

Only a few breast reduction complications occur after breastfeeding. It is of course always essential that the operation was performed by a qualified doctor. Of course, the time between surgery and pregnancy also play a role. If everything has healed well after the operation and there are no complications, there is nothing in the way of breastfeeding.