Can breast reduction surgery in Turkey improve your quality of life?

breast reduction surgery in turkey
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Can breast reduction surgery in Turkey improve your quality of life? Too big breasts affect the quality of life and can lead to back pain. Back pain usually occurs because the affected patients want to hide their chest while pulling their shoulders forward. A reduction is performed in the same technique as the tightening and allows exercising after about four weeks.

Reasons for breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction will only be necessary once in a lifetime as the tissue does not reproduce. Breast reduction not only helps to improve the mental health and quality of life, but also back and shoulder pain caused by breasts that are too big can be repaired. During treatment, the nipple is moved upwards to improve the shape. In the weeks following the operation, a special bra is worn. For my patients, the gain in quality of life after a breast reduction is often enormous.

Mammary hyperplasia, the technical term for a large breast, can even cause chronic pain in the head, neck and shoulder area. In addition, furrows on the shoulders are often formed by strong constricting bra straps. Skin irritations in the region of the resting chest on the stomach and mental stress are also not uncommon.

Breast reduction surgery in Turkey

Many women are also tired of not finding the right clothes. In some cases, body-accented wardrobe and wide necklines are avoided altogether. Some women are even so impaired that they no longer feel well in a swimsuit or bikini and therefore refrain from sauna or spa. Thanks to the current state of medical research, affected women are able to be helped safely and easily in the context of a breast surgery. More and more women are resolutely taking the step of plastically surgical breast reduction.

Since the condition of a female breast depends strongly on the individual condition of the skin or the connective tissue as well as on the excess tissue, the first step towards the desired size is a comprehensive informational discussion in my plastic surgery practice. Thus, the actual state can be quickly raised, as well as the ideal target state to be worked out. This then dictates the scope of the surgery for breast reduction and breast lift in Turkey as well as the costs incurred.

What you can expect:

  • A beautiful, harmonious breast shape
  • a nipple raised to the right place
  • short scars through our circumvertical technique
  • a narrower base of the chest by this technique
  • little pain, less than sore muscles
  • a lasting result that hardly needs to be repeated

A breast reduction reduces the size and weight of the breasts and allows you an active lifestyle without pain and restrictions. During breast reduction, excess fat and breast tissue is removed, the breast is reshaped, raised and adjusted to the body. The breast augmentation accompanying the breast reduction thus improves the aesthetics of the breast as well. Because just as with the breast augmentation in Turkey, the result should of course be nice in breast reduction or tightening.