Cataracts and Presbyopia

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Cataracts and presbyopia: Surgery on the eyes is usually associated with fear. This is absolutely understandable. The sense of sight is one of the most important senses in our world. A clouded sense of sight no longer allows you to fully participate in life. The diagnosis “cataract” initially raises many questions. The most important and most frequently asked questions are summarized as follows.

Cataracts – An Operation Can Help

There is no alternative to surgery for cataracts. It should be operated on when it is no longer possible to see clearly in everyday life.

Is There a Possibility That the Cataracts Will Recede?
Cataracts can be surgically healed. However, reversal is not possible. If the cataract is not treated, the clouding of the lens increases. If left untreated, it can even lead to blindness. Don’t wait, come to our eye specialists in Turkey.

Is There a Window of a Time by When the Cataract Should Be Operated?

The process begins slowly. The cataract is not noticed at first. Over the years, the symptoms begin. If the symptoms appear and the visual impression deteriorates and becomes blurred, then the cataract should be operated on. The routine intervention is minimally invasive. The lens in the eye is replaced with an artificial lens. The quality of life is quickly and significantly improved thanks to the improved vision after the procedure. If the cataract has appeared in both eyes, two surgical appointments are usually necessary.

How Long Is the Lifespan of the Artificial Lens?
As a rule, the lens has a lifetime durability.

What Is Presbyopia All About?

Presbyopia is a natural process and has nothing to do with cataracts. The natural lens of the eye hardens from around the age of 40. Focusing at close range becomes more difficult. Reading glasses are required. Usually also glasses for everyday use.

Can Presbyopia Be Treated?

Which lens can be used surgically is clarified during an initial telephone consultation. It is possible to use an artificial lens, similar to cataracts. There are several lenses that can be used for presbyopia. The advantage is obvious, glasses are no longer needed. We would be happy to clarify with you personally on the phone whether an operation can be carried out in your case.


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