Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey – Could It Be An Alternative?

Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey costs and price
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Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey – Could It Be An Alternative?

Today, cosmetic surgery in Turkey has developed into a globally active branch of industry – with constantly increasing sales figures. Critics see in these interventions a beauty craze created by today’s society, an escape from aging and the understandable search for acceptance and recognition. Is it really like that? It’s not always just about the past youth; in many cases, such a breast lift in Turkey / Antalya is also a medical necessity, e.g. after accidents, weight loss etc. When people no longer feel “well” in and with their bodies, they look for change; And it’s not just women – the number of men undergoing such procedures is increasing.

Spoiled for choice! The offer is huge worldwide. Two criteria are particularly important here. The cost and risk of such an intervention. In UK the standards are high, the price is accordingly. So the search for safe and cheaper alternatives begins. We present one of them to you today:

Breast Lift in Turkey/Antalya

A beautiful and firm breast is visible femininity and quality of life for every woman. After pregnancy and with increasing age, the breast loses its resilience and elasticity. The Aesthetic Travel Team in Turkey/Antalya not only focuses on the optics, but also on general health. The so-called “hanging breasts” can lead to permanent damage to the entire postural system over time. One of the most common consequences: poor posture combined with back and neck pain.


The most modern technology is used here. There is a reduction in the excess skin, the volume of the breast is completely retained. If your breasts do not have enough volume, a breast augmentation in Turkey can also be performed during this procedure. The aim is to restore your physical health – this also includes satisfaction with your own body as a necessary psychological effect.

What Do You Need to Consider Before Breast Lift in Antalya?  

Very important: The growth must be completed. Ideally, pregnancies and breastfeeding are also over. The procedure should only be carried out 8 months after the end of breastfeeding. If you decide to have a treatment and an intervention by our Aesthetic Travel Team Antalya, the procedure begins for you with a very detailed consultation. Here you can find out everything about the surgical techniques and the associated risks – just like with any other procedure. Then we will discuss your idea of ​​your new breasts and will be at your side in an advisory and responsible manner in all further questions.

What Is the Exact Procedure of the Breast Lift in Turkey?

The procedure is performed under general anesthetic and you will stay in a hospital as an inpatient and  it takes about 2-3.5 hours. The surgeons who carry out the procedure have mastered many different techniques – which of these are used depends on your individual wishes and your physical condition; here the quality of the skin and connective tissue, the natural shape of the breast, etc. play a decisive role.

At this point it should be said again that the procedure is carried out in renowned clinics, with TÜV-tested medical technology. With normal recovery, (sedentary) employment is possible after about a