Escape from insulin by diabetes operation

Diabetes Operation
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Away from insulin through minimally invasive surgery in Turkey

Diabetes Operation: With the so-called Transit Bipartition Surgery by Santoro, obese patients can again be helped to improve their health and vitality. This surgical method is of particular interest for overweight patients with diabetes mellitus type II, fat metabolic disorders and other chronic metabolic disorders.

Diabetes Operation: What happens with this surgical method?

Diabetes Operation, a so-called sleeve gastrectomy is first formed and then a connection made from the lower part of the stomach to the lower part of the small intestine, without completely severing a part of the intestine. In this way, about 80 centimetres of upper and middle small intestine are bridged. After that, the food, after passing the stomach, can take two different routes. Either it goes directly into the lower small intestine to trigger hormonal mechanisms that contribute to an earlier sense of fullness and at the same time bring about a faster improvement in the metabolic situation. The second possibility is that the food after passage of the stomach takes the normal route through the stomach jaw through the duodenum to the small intestine.

The purpose of the operation

The health-damaging effects of a modern carbohydrate-rich diet should be avoided particularly gently and without complete elimination of a part of the small intestine (duodenum) with this OP. Because some of the food continues to go the normal way, there is little malabsorption. The intake of vitamins, nutrients and minerals is therefore largely guaranteed. The aim of the surgery is to improve the metabolic situation and to lose weight. As a result, insulin dependency is reduced to a minimum and ideally falls away altogether. Having to inject constantly creates a high level of suffering and the prospect of getting rid of it means more quality of life for every individual affected. Especially if you consider the comorbidities of diabetes, it is worthwhile to do something about it. Normally, weight loss after surgery also improves blood pressure and often returns to normal in a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetes Operation at Aesthetic Travel in Antalya

If you have diabetes II and are very overweight you can find help in Aesthetic Travel Antalya. In a clinic with European hygiene standards and excellent experienced surgeons, you can undergo a helpful surgery, such as the Transit Bipartition and be accompanied by friendly staff right from the start. Cheap packages with flight, hotel, transfers including surgery and aftercare are on the safe side. In Antalya, operations are just as safe as in other European cities, but much cheaper. There you also have the opportunity to remove excess skin after the operation and weight loss. More information can be found on the websites of Aesthetic-Travel.