IVF in Turkey

IVF in Turkey: During IVF, the female ovum is fertilised by a medical professional in a laboratory. The procedure can take multiple menstrual cycles before it leads to a successful pregnancy.

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IVF in Turkey: In-Vitro Fertilisation with experts in Turkey

Being unable to naturally conceive a child can be a real burden for you and your partner. Both partners might experience feelings of inadequacy, mental stress and even depression. That does not have to be the case. Thanks to developments in modern medicine and fertility treatments, there are multiple options of artificial insemination that help couples conceive a child in an alternative way. One of those alternatives is the In-Vitro Fertilisation, short IVF.

Our team at Aesthetic Travel in Antalya works in close contact with the most renowned fertility centres in Turkey. There you will find doctors who are specialised in IVF and have year-long experience with the procedure. Many couples have already benefitted from the comprehensive know-how of the fertility experts. Next to their medical knowledge and professionalism, the centres also put large emphasis on empathy, sensibility and emotional support. As individual as each body is, so is the treatment necessary for conceiving a child.

We at Aesthetic Travel gladly assist you in arranging your first consultation with a fertility centre in Turkey. Please do not hesitate to ask.

In-Vitro Fertilisation: Comprehensive Consultation, Diagnosis and individual Treatment Plan

During IVF, the female ovules are brought together with the male sperm outside of the woman’s body in a test tube. The woman’s ovules will be fertilised with the partner’s sperm in an embryological lab. A certain amount will be injected back into the female body to hopefully result in a pregnancy. IVF is especially used in cases of a fallopian tube closure or continuous endometriosis. While sometimes multiple rounds of IVF are necessary for a pregnancy to occur, at times it can even result in multiple births.

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This procedure will be explained to you in detail by your fertility expert, including possible risks and complications. You will also be informed of possible alternatives as well as all costs for the IVF procedure. Based on a comprehensive examination of your previous medical history as well as a full diagnosis, doctors will determine whether IVF is the best choice for you and develop an individual concept for treatment and fertilisation.

Do not lose hope and see IVF as a chance to fulfil your dream of raising a child.

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IVF in Turkey: The detailed course of action for your In-Vitro-Fertilisation Treatment

When it comes to the wish for children, couples have to rely on experience and competency. However, that is not all. You want your fertility doctor to have the necessary emotional intelligence, patience and sensibility to handle such a delicate and intimate topic. You will find, that the fertility specialists in Turkey work according to the highest standards of patient care and work according to current European techniques and medical standards for IVF-procedures.

Here at Aesthetic Travel we only work with the most competent and considerate doctors, who specialise in IVF.

Different to an “in-vivo” procedure, IVF takes place outside of the female body in a specialised laboratory. In most cases, IVF is administered together with a hormonal treatment, which precedes the in-vitro procedure. After ovulation the follicles are removed from the ovaries via the vagina. You will undergo this procedure under short anaesthesia, during which you will be supervised and cared for by a professional anaesthetics team.

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On the same day of the extraction of the follicles the ovum is brought together with the sperm of the partner in-vitro. That means, that fertilisation takes place in a test tube. Only one day after the IVF procedure, doctors are already able to determine how many ovules have been fertilised. You then have the option to freeze some of them for later purposes and treatments. Approximately one to five days after the follicle extraction, the embryos are injected back into the female body, which requires no anaesthesia. During the next two weeks you are required to administer the hormone progesterone, which assists the embryos with nesting within the body. It is during those two weeks that you will know, whether the IVF was successful and resulted in pregnancy.

Our goal at Aesthetic Travel is to support you and help you reach your dream of raising a child. Let us assist you in finding the right Turkish specialist for your needs and arrange a first consultation.

IVF in Turkey - At a glance

Duration of Procedure

1 - 3 Weeks

Hospital Stay

1 - 3 Weeks

Recovery Time

1 - 3 Weeks


from 3,990 EUR

IVF in Turkey - Frequently Asked Questions

If there is a transmissiba

You should plan with six to eight weeks for a complete IVF-treatment. You will undergo the following procedures during this time:

  • Preparation of the IVF (Consultation, pre-cycle-phase) 
  • Hormonal stimulation (about 2 weeks, with 2 to 4 accompanied ultrasound sessions)
  • Follicle extraction
  • Transfer of embryos back into the uterus
  • Two-week observation phase to determine whether pregnancy occurred
  • Another ultrasound
  • In case of a pregnancy, you are to continue with your gynaecologist

le disease like HIV-positive or hepatitis C virus infection, the infection of the healthy partner and the unborn child has to be protected.

If the male partner has this kind of diseases, the sperm will be prepared so that no virus can be transmitted to the woman or ovum. If the female partner is infected, treatment with drugs over the period of the pregnancy is conducted, the child is inoculated and a Caesarian delivery induced. Like with all medical procedures, there can be no 100 per cent certainty, that partner or child not get infected. Albeit the risk is nominal!

Literature suggests a risk of malformations in naturally conceived children of 3 to 4 %. This percentage is slightly raised in procedures of artificial insemination and lies at 4 to 5 %. This rise may however be due to consequences of premature birth, such as malfunctions of the heart.

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In case of an infectious disease, such as HIV or Hepatitis C, the child and the healthy partner must be protected from the infection. If the man carries the disease, his sperm will be prepared in a way that will not let the virus spread to the woman or the unborn child. If the woman is the one being infected, she can undergo a medical therapy before and during the pregnancy. The child will be vaccinated and a caesarean section will be performed during birth.

Just like with all medical procedures, no 100 % guarantee, for the partner or the child not to get infected, can be given. However, many infectious diseases can be controlled nowadays and contained in a way that leaves only a very small risk.