Gain a new quality of life through aesthetic breast surgery

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Aesthetic breast surgery : With a breast enlargement in Turkey, implants can be inserted in different ways: with an incision in the skin fold under the breast, above the armpit or on the nipples. Another way to enlarge your breast is to treat it with your own fat. The body’s own fat cells are used to enlarge your breast even without any implants. The surgeon uses existing fat deposits on the buttocks, abdomen or hips, for example.

Breast augmentation in Turkey with silicone implants takes about one hour, with own fat about two to three hours. Anaesthesia can be performed locally, twilight sleep or as a general anaesthesia (which makes a hospital stay mandatory). The threads only have to be pulled when implants were used. You will be fit again for work or society after just about two weeks. The costs are individual and can amount to approximately 2.800 euros for implants and approximately 2.500 euros for autologous fat treatments.

Gain a better quality of life by reducing the size of the breast

Breast reduction is usually performed through the areola to prevent scars. During the course of your breast reduction in Turkey, additional deficiencies such as an unsightly shape or asymmetry of your breast can be corrected.

Breast reduction takes about one or two hours and is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon removes exactly the tissue that was previously discussed with you during the detailed planning of your breast surgery. After removal of the excess breast mass, the breast is remodelled to create a symmetrical appearance. The position of the nipples is adjusted.

Breast reduction in Turkey requires a recovery period of around seven days, but you should not do sport for at least six weeks. The costs for the reduction of the breast can be around 2.300 euros.

Enjoy your femininity again with a aesthetic breast surgery lift

Different surgical methods are possible for a breast lift in Turkey. The basic principle, however, is the same: excess skin is removed to ultimately achieve significantly better firmness and shape of your breast. The nipples are positioned further above to achieve ideal proportions.

The treatment time for your breast correction in Turkey is between 1.5 and 4 hours, depending on the surgical method. Anaesthesia is a general anaesthesia with one or two nights in-patient hospital stay. The stitches are removed after about 14/21 days. You will have to wear a special bra for 4 weeks after the breast lift surgery in Turkey. You are usually fit for work or society seven days after the surgery. For optimal breast stabilization, you should wear a sports bra for about 4 weeks. Depending on the extent of the breast lift, the cost is approximately 2.800 euros.

Breast reconstruction in Turkey – gaining new self-confidence

Breast reconstruction and augmentation is performed surgically and is a visually more natural alternative to a breast prosthesis. Breast reconstruction can also be used after a partial removal or complete amputation of your breasts. A distinction is made between immediate reconstruction immediately after cancer treatment and the rather rare late reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction in Turkey is basically split into in three phases: First, breast tissue and skin are replaced by the body’s own tissue (muscles, fat and skin), implants or both in combination and the symmetry of both breasts is constructed. Then the areola is designed. Finally, the nipples are re-created and positioned.

The treatment costs for breast reconstruction are around 3.000 to 5.000 euros and are usually covered in full by statutory and private health insurance funds after breast cancer, if common surgical methods are being used.

Breast correction – to correct physical malformations or faulty treatment

With a breast correction in Turkey you are in good hands and are treated by highly professional and specialized surgeons. The term plastic surgeon in Turkey is protected as a profession and must first be acquired through six years of additional training. In Europe, these operations are often performed by plastic surgeons who have no special training in this field.

Secondary treatment of your breast by breast correction is useful if you suffer from malformations or if an initial treatment has been faulty and not let to the desired results. In this way you will regain a positive body feeling.

A breast correction can be carried out if, among other things, one of the following conditions applies:

  • with asymmetrical aesthetic breast surgery
  • If implants have been incorrectly positioned
  • In the case of undesired scarring
  • After capsular fibrosis (also called tube breast, congenital underdevelopment)
  • The tightening effect was not achieved
  • With a breast tube (malformation)

Depending on the type of correction, the operation can take between one and four hours. A general anaesthetic is necessary for breast corrections, as these are complex procedures. The cost of a breast correction in Turkey varies greatly depending on the extent of the procedure and also depends heavily on the duration and possible use of materials such as implants.

Breast correction in Turkey Costs and prices

Breast reductions are already carried out for 2,800 euros, whereby three hospital nights are necessary due to the general anaesthesia. Breast augmentation and breast lift including a round implant and sports bra is often offered for 3,500 euros. The surcharge for anatomical drop implants is around 500 euros.

The cheapest breast correction in Turkey costs and prices can be around 2,100 euros. The average price for a breast lift in Turkey is between approximately 3,200 euros and 5,000 euros.