Gastric Reduction in Antalya: Procedure and Costs

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Gatric Reduction in Antalya: relaxed to your desired weight without starving

Overweight is a widespread disease that affects many people in Europe and around the world. Despite changes in diet and exercise, many fail to lose weight. Obesity can not only have a negative impact on well-being, but can also lead to diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems and restricted movement. A gastric reduction in Antalya can help to finally escape from obesity – we show it to you here.

If one does not manage to lose weight on one’s own, the surgical reduction of the stomach can be the optimal solution. By reducing the size of the stomach, one is no longer able to eat much food after the procedure – especially not too much. This is why a reduction in the size of the stomach makes it inevitable to lose weight through smaller meals. Also the feeling of hunger decreases and therefore you don’t have to bother with it all the time.

Finally lose weight with a gastric reduction

A gastric reduction in Turkey can provide relief and be the starting signal for a completely new life. In Antalya you can be treated by experienced specialists under the best conditions. Modern clinics are technically well equipped to perform gastric reductions and can also offer patients the highest degree of comfort. Suppliers such as Aesthetic Travel specialise in the organisation of gastric reductions in Turkey. Patients in Turkey can have a gastric reduction done at a very reasonable price. Of course, patients are always looked after before, during and after the procedure – in German or English. Comprehensive examinations are carried out in the clinic before the actual procedure takes place. The hospital stay usually lasts 5 days. Afterwards you can leave the hospital again.

These gastric reductions can be performed in Turkey

When the stomach is reduced in Turkey, patients can choose between different types of surgery. The cheapest variant is the tube stomach in Antalya. The stomach is surgically reduced by about 80 – 90 % of its normal size. The procedure is minimally invasive using the so-called keyhole method. Due to the reduced stomach volume, one automatically eats less and the saturation occurs faster, which can have a positive effect when losing weight. The costs for a tube stomach in Antalya are currently around 2,890.00 EUR including care, medication, transfer services, overnight stays in clinics and hotels as well as diagnostics and aftercare.

Gastric bypass in Antalya is the most common method of gastric reduction currently used in Turkey. The gastric volume is also reduced minimally invasively with the keyhole method. In addition, the small intestine is shortened, which means that less fat and carbohydrates can subsequently be absorbed by the body. Thus, the gastric bypass in Antalya can not only help you lose weight quickly, but also ensure that you can maintain your weight without any worries in the long term. The gastric bypass in Antalya costs about 4,500.00 EUR. Of course, this price also includes all other costs such as hospitalization, diagnostics, care, hotel stay, medication, care, aftercare and transfers.

No matter what type of stomach reduction in Antalya you choose, you can take the first step into a new life during a short holiday in connection with an operation.