Gastric Sleeve in Antalya: Procedure and Costs

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Obesity is no longer a rarity. Meanwhile, the majority of German society is overweight. Many people try to lose weight through sport and a change in diet, but unfortunately fail miserably for various reasons. We show you how you can finally lose weight with a gastric sleeve surgery in Antalya.

Obesity can not only cause discomfort and drastically reduce the quality of life, in the long run obesity can even cause other serious illnesses. Thus overweight can lead to chronic joint complaints. The cardiovascular system can also suffer lasting damage. Diabetes can also be caused by obesity. Therefore one should not resign oneself with it, but do something against the predominance. Those who do not manage to lose weight by their own efforts should consider a reduction of the stomach in Turkey.

Finally losing weight with a gastric sleeve surgery in Antalya

A gastric sleeve surgery can be the last option for many people to lose weight. Modern specialized clinics in Turkey have focused on gastric reduction to help people with a gastric reduction to lose weight. The gastrointestinal operation is performed minimally invasively, i.e. particularly gently under general anesthesia. The stomach size is reduced to about 80 to 90 % of its naturally grown volume. Only very small portions can be consumed after the stomach reduction. In addition, it is much quicker to be filled. This in turn can greatly facilitate weight reduction. Because by being able to eat less, you inevitably lose weight. The procedure is uncomplicated and usually only requires a short hospital stay of a maximum of 5 days.

Gastric Sleeve in Antalya Costs: Making the stomach smaller at a flat fee

Considering the consequences of obesity, especially in terms of health and well-being, it is surprising that the cost of a gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is really low. Currently the costs for a gastric sleeve surgery in Antalya are approximately 2.890,00 EURO – all additional costs included. As there are special providers like Aesthetic Travel, which take over the complete handling for you, You don’t have to organize anything yourself. The prices for a tube gastrointestinal surgery in Antalya does not only include the pure surgical costs but also all services such as on-site diagnostics, check-up appointments, hospitalisation, transfer services, personal care in German or English during the entire duration of the treatment as well as all medicines. You can lay the basis for losing weight under the best conditions and a very low price. At the same time, the pleasant climate in Turkey allows you to recover perfectly from the operation.

If you finally want to lose weight, too, then you should consider a gastric sleeve surgery in Antalya now.