If the Connective Tissue Weakens, a Tummy Tuck Can Help

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If the Connective Tissue Weakens, a Tummy Tuck Can Help: If your connective tissue weakens, a tummy tuck in Turkey can help you get a flat stomach again. Pregnancy, weight changes, operations, environmental influences such as sun exposure, body floating etc. change your stomach apperance. These changes will be particularly noticeable in the abdominal area. As the center of the body, the look of the stomach is particularly important. Not only that it decides about “yes” or “no” to figure-hugging clothing, but also the well-tried “gut feeling”. If the stomach feels good, so does the rest of the body.


Finally a Good Gut Feeling Again

Get a belly you can feel good about and not just in the way of getting dressed. A tummy tuck removes skin that is excess and sagging. This skin is the one that you no longer need, which is due to the decreasing connective tissue and is a sign of the past years. If you want to get rid of this skin, only a tightening of the abdominal wall will help you. Neither a healthy diet, plenty of fluids, exercise or any method in the world can help you in this case. Why not come to us in Antalya, Turkey and get your desired thicc?


Back from Turkey with a Flat Stomach

Once you have recovered in 5 days, you can get on your flight home with a reshly strengthened, flat stomach. Coming back from vacation with tanned skin is nothing new, but with a completely new body feeling is. This allows you to treat yourself to a top-class trip and then enjoy a life in which hanging flaps of skin on your stomach no longer play a role.

Feel free to contact us. We are available for you by mail or by phone, WhatsApp +90 542 407 75 70 E-Mail: info@aesthetic-travel.co.uk. Then we can make an appointment with you at our clinic, in Antalya, and accompany you directly from the airport, via the hotel and the clinic.


A Surgery in Turkey – Why Not?

In UK you sometimes pay a lot of money for a tummy tuck without being able to be sure that the operation will be successful. In most cases, the health insurance company does not cover the costs, which is not only due to the excessive application procedure, but also because the health insurance companies do not classify the operation as important enough. Nevertheless, this surgery can prove to be extremely important for you, for your body, soul and spirit.

Save yourself the hassle of applications or overpriced operations in UK and come to us in beautiful Turkey. For an operation that will leave nothing to be desired. We work according to the latest national and international standards, which you will not miss.


Always There for You If You Have Any Questions

Do you have any questions beforehand? Why don’t you just get in touch with us and we will clarify the questions that are on your mind in advance? Then, when you are ready, you can board the plane and start a new life with peace of mind. With a tummy tuck, you not only declare war on your weakening connective tissue, you also welcome a new life. With a flat stomach, without the traces of days gone by. Your body is yours. Regain body positivity and live your life with the clothes you love to wear.