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Find Answers to Labiaplasty in Turkey: Answers to the labia correction: Today, the aesthetic correction of the labia is no longer a taboo subject. The growing surgical interventions in Turkey speak a clear language. Disruptive factors such as long labia do not have to be accepted. It is a gentle routine procedure from an experienced doctor’s appointment on site in Turkey. Women often suffer for years because they find their larger labia unsightly. The optical reasons alone are not always the reason for a correction of the labia. If inflammation, irritation and pain occur, action should be taken in any case.

Many Questions Find a Clear Answer

My labia were normal before pregnancy and now they are significantly larger. What can I do?
Before or after pregnancy, it is possible that the labia have changed their original shape. This is also possible if there have been major weight changes. The natural aging process also supports the change in the labia. The surgical procedure of a labia reduction offers the solution in these cases. This desired state can easily be brought about by a small correction. Many women do not want the outer labia to protrude from the vagina.

How Can I Imagine a Labia Correction in Turkey/Antalya?

Labia reduction is usually an outpatient procedure. A local anesthetic or, if desired, a twilight sedation takes place. The plastic surgeon uses a scalpel to remove the excess tissue. The wounds are closed with a fine suture.

I Really Want a Labiaplasty but I’m Afraid!
An explanation of the course of the operation step by step to anxious patients is possible in a detailed discussion. Twilight anesthesia is a good alternative for such anxious patients.

How Long Does Such Labiaplasty in Turkey Take?

Labiaplasty in Turkey: An exact prognosis cannot be given in advance. The entire operation usually takes between one and one and a half hours. If, for example, additional corrections are made, such as the injection of the external labia, the operative time will be correspondingly longer.

Do I have to postpone the surgery date if I get my period unexpectedly? My cycle can no longer be calculated due to the menopause that has started.

In principle, the menstrual cycle has no influence on the operation. It is advisable to choose the date of the operation so that the monthly bleeding does not occur in the week after the labiaplasty. This significantly minimizes the risk of menstrual blood getting into the wound. It should be taken into account that tampons should not be used for up to three weeks after the operation.

Is There Swelling and Pain After the Operation?

Swelling and redness usually occur after the operation. If pain occurs, the patient is treated by the clinic staff. Appropriate medication will be provided. Everyone’s perception of pain is different and there is no generalized answer. The swelling usually subsides after three to four weeks without any complications. Experience has shown that severe pain or complications are very rare.

Does the Operation Change How You Feel in Your Own Intimate Zone?
Sensory disturbances are normal after the operation. These are expressed in numbness or even hypersensitivity. With the rapid healing process, these quickly subside.