Laser vision correction Turkey Convincing results

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Turkey – cost-effective laser vision correction with convincing results

Laser vision correction offers innovative treatment options in modern medicine. Laser treatment can help to improve the patient’s vision in such a way that wearing visual aids is no longer necessary. However, the costs for eye laser treatment in Germany are quite high, which discourages many patients from this treatment. But as with many medical applications, people with eye problems can afford a cheaper alternative in Turkey.

Laser treatment in Turkey – When does the treatment make sense?

People who are particularly active in sports often feel restricted in their mobility by wearing visual aids. Constantly having to clean glasses is already an unbearable burden for many people. Others prefer to wear contact lenses for aesthetic reasons, but have developed an intolerance that can lead to inflammation and dry eyes. All these people could be helped with laser treatment.

Low costs despite satisfactory performance – laser vision correction in Turkey

In the meantime, the surgical skills and specialist knowledge of Turkish doctors have spread around the world. Several clinics in different cities of Turkey have specialized in laser eye surgery. A three-day stay is fully sufficient to have all examinations and treatment carried out. Laser treatment, all eye examinations and medication are about 70% cheaper in a Turkish practice than in Germany. Patients only have to accept additional costs for longer stays. Many people finally combine their annual holiday with a laser treatment of their eyes in Turkey.

Visit a doctor, where others only go on holiday – advantages of laser vision correction in Turkey

The clear advantage of laser treatment in Turkey is of course the price-performance ratio. For the same services, the patient would have to accept much higher costs in other countries. As a rule, treatments with the eye laser are not covered by the health insurance companies. In addition, the treatment can be combined with a short holiday during which the patient can recover after the eye laser treatment. When the patient goes home, the wearing of a visual aid is no longer needed and the patient regains a more pleasant attitude towards life.