Look better with an eyebrow transplant

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Eyebrow transplant: Eyebrows are an important part of your face and can make the difference.

The frame of your face

At first glance they may seem unimportant, but your eyebrows make up an essential part of your face. Your charisma and how you are seen by other people can be significantly influenced by your eyebrows. But which form is right for you and what can you do about gaps? You can find out all about eyebrows in this article.

When eyebrows are a problem

Appearance and style are very important for many people. The hairstyle, the own figure, the clothing style and a well-groomed appearance often have the highest priority. Eyebrows, however, are often treated extremely neglected, but these are so important for your face. If you like, your eyebrows form the frame of your face and therefore play a major role. An uneven shape or even unattractive gaps in the eyebrows can be a problem and sometimes make you feel uncomfortable. Asymmetrical components in the face can possibly disturb your counterpart and cause a crack in your very own self-confidence.

You should think about why your eyebrows are what they are. Do you wax, laser or pluck them too often? Eyebrows are extremely sensitive and grow slower than any other hair on the human body. If damage has occurred to the hair roots and can no longer regenerate these, permanent gaps arise, which will also no longer close themselves. An eyebrow transplant can help at this point.

Eyebrow transplant

Gaps in your eyebrows can be filled up with an eyebrow transplant. In addition, irregular hair growth can be treated and thin eyebrows can be thickened. The procedure is usually a one-off and achieves lasting success. When you have an eyebrow transplant, hair roots are removed from the back of your head and then placed in the affected areas of your eyebrows. Tiny punctures are made in advance to prepare the canals. You will be locally anesthetized during the procedure and will not suffer any pain. The head hairs are particularly suitable for this and are shaved partially at the back of your head. Of course, the experts make sure that the area where the hair is removed remains as small as possible. There’s no need to worry about bald spots on your head.