Diabetes operation in Turkey

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Diabetes operation in Turkey: Are you suffering from diabetes for some time? Then you know exactly how unpleasant it can be to inject the life-saving dose of insulin several times a day. Injections into the muscle are painful and even for experienced patients, this recurring procedure is a major challenge. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could get rid of your diabetes with a single operation?

Best results in type 2 diabetes

Diabetes surgery is particularly suitable for adult, overweight patients whose diabetes is difficult to control with medication. An operation can not only cure the underlying disease, but also prevent serious secondary diseases of the kidneys, eyes and heart.

Diabetes operation in Turkey: Continuous weight loss with the gastric balloon

The insertion of a gastric balloon is a particularly gentle procedure. Under twilight anaesthesia, the internist inserts a soft, flexible balloon through the mouth. As a rule, the patient can leave the clinic the very next day. Scientific studies clearly show the connection between food intake and insulin secretion. Turkey, for example, relies on a combination of surgery and a change in diet under medical supervision. Since the patient is allowed to eat on the same day light food again and at the same time feels satiated with a much smaller amount of food, this process is usually easy for patients.

Diabetes operation in Turkey: A new attitude to life with a reduction of the stomach

Do you suffer from pathological obesity or do you already suffer from obvious diabetic complications such as numbness in the legs, kidney damage or the risk of retinal detachment? In this case, help is needed quickly, and surgeons in Turkey may advise you to use keyhole surgery to reduce your stomach. This diabetes operation is somewhat more complex and requires a general anaesthetic, but promises rapid weight loss and reduction of the insulin doses necessary. During this operation, the surgeons separate a large part of the stomach, but thanks to the most modern minimally invasive technique, this only requires a hospital stay of three to four days. After a relaxing stay in a luxury hotel and a final check-up, you can start your journey home after just eight to ten days.