ReLEx Smile Turkey Costs – the painless, gentle eye laser method

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The demand for gentle and painless laser eye treatments has increased significantly in recent years. If you are looking for a suitable laser treatment for your ametropia, the ReLEx Smile method in Turkey is the best choice.

Experts and ophthalmologists usually recommend that their patients do not focus solely on costs when choosing a Turkish eye clinic. Of course, the qualification of the eye specialists and the equipment of the clinic are important factors to consider. The ReLEx (Refractive Lenticule Extraction) Smile (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) technique is the most innovative eye laser technology, which requires an extraordinary experience and precision of doctors and medical teams.

The advantages of ReLEx Smile 3D treatment

The corneal incision is significantly less with this innovative treatment method than with classic Femto-LASIK or LASIK. This also reduces the risk of dry eyes compared to previous laser eye techniques. The smaller corneal incision also offers the eye more stability than with LASIK or Femto-LASIK procedures. Further advantages are:

  • ReLEx Smile eye laser is odourless and painless
  • Less corneal tissue is removed
  • There is no pressure increase
  • The procedure is minimally invasive, requires no flap and the corresponding risks are eliminated
  • The healing and recovery after eye laser treatment is faster

Due to the smaller corneal incision during the ReLEx Smile treatment, the production of tear film in the eye is hardly disturbed. For this reason, ReLEx Smile treatment in Turkey is particularly suitable for patients suffering from extremely dry eyes and/or who are very sensitive to contact lenses.

ReLEx Smile eye surgery is only performed with the VisuMax Femto second laser from Carl Zeiss. With its 500 Hertz (Hz) frequency, the Made in Germany eye laser is one of the devices that deliver the fastest power.

With the ReLEx Smile 3D method the correction is done by laser eye surgery without corneal flap. Thus, this technology is the newest or most innovative eye laser treatment par excellence. In addition, the ReLEx Smile 3D method is one of the so-called keyhole technologies in the field of restorative (refractive) surgery.

For whom is ReLEx SMILE eye lasers suitable?

However, ReLEx Smile technology cannot be applied to all types of visual defects, including the correction of farsightedness.

The following patients can undergo eye surgery using the ReLEx Smile method:

  • Patient minimum age is 18 years
  • For nearsightedness up to a maximum of minus 10 diopters
  • With a corneal curvature of up to 5 diopters
  • If eye values have been stable for the past 24 months
  • If the corneal thickness is sufficiently thick

ReLEx SMILE Turkey costs – excellent quality at fair conditions

The cost of such an innovation in laser eye surgery, which is equally gentle and painless for patients, naturally also has a reasonable price. This is at a slightly higher level than the previous eye laser methods such as PRK and LASEK, Femto-LASIK and LASIK. Of course, the cost of laser treatment for both eyes is different in each country. If the ReLEx Smile costs in German eye clinics start at about 4,500 Euros, the ReLEx Smile method in Turkish eye clinics / practices can move at slightly less than half for both eyes.