Return from holiday back with a new body at a budget price

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How does that sound? Why not combine a well-deserved holiday with a long-cherished dream? Especially abroad, (dental) medical, plastic surgical and cosmetic procedures and operations are particularly cost-effective. The trend to be treated abroad is booming more and more.

From the Aegean to the Mediterranean Sea

In Turkey, numerous popular beaches Antalya, Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, Kusadasi, and Alanya invite you to relax and to take a sunbath. If you want to book a holiday in Turkey anyway, you can register directly with Aesthetic Travel in Atasehir (county and capital of Istanbul province). There you can do something for your desired body shape whilst you are having a great time on vacation in Turkey. You simply book a plastic surgery for your dream body and experience a very good all-round service through Aesthetic Travel. Aesthetic Travel organizes the flight and transfers from the airport to your private clinic. Three full meals are also provided for your physical well-being. Free accommodation, personal medical care, and careful nursing care, including all medical and wound supplies, are included in the price.

The crowning glory of a weight loss diet

Many people go on a crash diet before they go on holiday. Often the weight reduction is not enough to finally look slim and slender. The skin is flaccid and hangs clearly visible above the swimming trunks or bikini panties. Also at the upper arms and thighs, the traces of a rapid weight loss are not to be hidden. A skin tightening and/or liposuction can help you to a great body (again). The nice side effect is that you lose a few extra pounds in body weight and the desired dress size fits perfectly. Nevertheless, a certain discipline with regard to physical activities and nutrition is indispensable even after the cosmetic surgery in order to maintain the success achieved.

Certified beauty surgery at fair prices

Natural aging processes, recovery from certain conditions or a weak conjunctiva are often responsible for the need for a skin tightening. Women with breasts that feel too small or too large would also like to have their breasts corrected by a cosmetic surgery. Here the beauty clinic Aesthetic Travel offers adequate package prices. On average, the rates are up to 70 percent lower than the regular fees charged by German beauty clinics. The respective rates for breast augmentation and reduction, skin tightening, liposuction and other services related to beauty and plastic surgery can be found on the Internet at or by sending an email to Aesthetic Travel has all necessary certificates according to ISO 9001:2008 and JCI (Joint Commission International) standards. You can definitely look forward to returning with a new body from your holidays.