Successful Male-to-Female Sex Reassignment Surgery in Turkey

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Successful Male-to-Female Sex Reassignment Surgery in Turkey: Surgical successful gender reassignment from man-to-woman in Turkey: Gender reassignment in man-to-woman transsexuality usually involves two operations in Turkey. For medical reasons, there should be a period of several months between the two operations. The exact time periods will be discussed and determined. A gentle gender reassignment is carried out using the latest surgical technology.

After the erectile tissue of the penis and the testicles, together with the associated spermatic cords, have been removed, the neovaginal cavity is formed. The neovagina is formed with the help of the skin of the shaft of the penis that has been turned over and an associated transplant made of full-thickness skin from the former scrotum.

The labia minora are formed from a former part of the foreskin. The current urethra is anatomically shortened to fit, the clitoris is formed from the glans and inserted precisely according to the woman’s anatomy.

The First Male-to-Female Sex Reassignment Surgery in Turkey

The erectile tissue, testicles, epididymis and spermatic cords are removed. The neovagnia as well as the neoclitoris are formed. The glans penis with the nerve-vascular bundle is then completely preserved. In the next step, the clitoris is formed from it. The vagina is created between the rectum and the bladder (prostate).

Skin is usually transplanted from the scrotum using the intussusception method. This is followed by the small and large labia. The labia minora are formed from the front part of the penis cavity. This area of skin is used because it is hair free and naturally soft and supple. In the next step, the urethral opening is formed.

The Second Sex Reassignment Operation in Antalya

After the first operation, there may be excess skin at the entrance of the vagina. This is mostly the case. This excess skin is removed in the second operation. With an incision, the neovagina can be expanded and straightened. The entrance to the vagina is placed with the help of an enlargement plastic. Then the pubic mound is built up and the attachment of a clitoral cap is prepared. Fatty tissue can also be introduced for the mons pubis elevation.

With the next step, the small and large labia are corrected. If there is too much tissue on the labia majora, it can be adjusted with this operation. If necessary, the labia minora can also be corrected. Location and size can be adjusted without any problems. Any corrections such as urethral dilatation and the removal of residual erectile tissue are possible and are corrected and carried out accordingly with this operation.

The Turkish team of doctors is of course always available to answer any questions you may have about the course of the operation.