The most common causes of hair loss

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A large number of people suffer from hair loss: depending on the situation, this can be persistent and permanent, or only temporary. As soon as hair loss becomes visible, you should do something about it, if this is subject to your assets. In most cases, solutions are available, but the trigger must be clear in advance.

These triggers are of particular interest as they vary greatly.

The causes of hair loss

In most cases something can be done about annoying hair loss. First, however, a causal research must be carried out. A doctor will help you most reliably.

The most common causes of hair loss are listed below.

Stress and hassle

The most common reason for hair loss is stress. A busy life and strict schedules demand more from us than we soberly suspect: This results in physical and psychological stress, including hair loss.

Our hair growth suffers from stress, which negatively affects the life cycle of our hair follicles. Excessive overexertion and nervousness are equally harmful for hair growth.

Hormonal fluctuations

Hormone fluctuations are often the cause of hair loss. During pregnancy, for example, most women enjoy an increased oestrogen level, which ensures strong hair growth: a woman can have up to 10% more hair during pregnancy. However, giving birth results in an abrupt loss of estrogen, which results in hair loss.

There are also clinical pictures that cause a hormonal imbalance.

Deficiency Symptoms

Poor nutrition can also be the cause of hair loss: If the body lacks vitamins A and D, zinc or iron, hair growth suffers. Unbalanced nutrition contributes to hair loss and should be avoided anyway.

If you suffer from hair loss despite a varied and healthy diet, discuss this with a doctor, as diseases can hinder the absorption of certain nutrients despite their intake. It is also helpful to find out under which circumstances certain nutrients are absorbed and which components prevent this.

Discontinuation of the contraceptive pill

Many women suddenly experience hair loss when they stop taking contraceptive pills. The reason for this is the loss of regular oestrogen intake. Over time, this condition returns to normal in most women, but can also stay.

The menopause

Age-related hair loss is well known and difficult to avoid. The reason for hair loss is the reduction of the body’s own oestrogen production. In addition, the proportion of male hormones (testosterone) increases, to which hair growth reacts sensitively: Hair loss is the painful consequence.